Apr 5, 2015

NEPAL : Humans of Bhaktapur

The moment I set foot in this cultural capital of Nepal, I knew what I have to do: capture the beauty of the humans of Bhaktapur (inspired by the Humans of New York ;D ...). And so I did, while in such a short stay, captured a glimpsed of life for some of them living in this ancient city that dates back to the early 8th century.

With an area that spreads out to almost 7 square kilometers and 1401 meters above sea level, Bhaktapur gives shelter to almost 100 thousand people. The humans of Bhaktapur are mostly peasants, businessmen, handicraft producers and public employees. Majority of them are either Hindus or Buddhists that exist in harmony despite the differences in beliefs. The main identifiers of the city are yoghurt, the black cap (bhadgaule topi), black saree (haku patasi), and pottery and handicrafts.

Here, meet My Humans of Bhaktapur ...

They may be a bunch of nosy kids hanging around the Taumadhi Square, checking every tourist who sets foot in their city. However, if you are willing to listen, they carry interesting anecdotes you can learn from.

Humans of Bhaktapur
brotherhood love
I should have jot down her name when I asked her because it totally escapes me now. However, she's one you wont miss if you pass by one of the alleyways of Bhaktapur selling knitted items and donning a beautiful smile and a colorful saree.
Humans of Bhaktapur
lady with a ready smile

To maintain peace and order, the men in uniform are busy commanding their presence.
Humans of Bhaktapur
Nepal Police

Walking around the Durbar Square, this kid approach me and said "Are you from the Philippines?" She mentioned a friend from the Philippines named Katrina. So Katrina, if you happened to see this, she said HI!
Humans of Bhaktapur
"Hi Katrina!"

Just few of the tourists you'll come across enjoying their stroll of this place mostly referred to as a Living Heritage.
Humans of Bhaktapur
one fine day at Bhaktapur

Hardworking humans of Bhaktapur earning their day's worth at the Pottery Square.
Humans of Bhaktapur
at the pottery firing place

He's a Sadhu. In Hinduism, a sadhu is a wandering holy man who have renounced their worldly life, their possessions and their families in search of enlightenment.
Humans of Bhaktapur
a sadhu
They just alighted from their school bus on the way to their homes when I called them and said "hey boys, how's school?" They looked and then smiled when they saw me holding a camera. Apparently, school is fun and they like being photographed.
Humans of Bhaktapur
school boys

In hurried pace with a heavy backload and unmindful of her surroundings, this lady is rightfully minding her own business.
busy Newar
"How much"? I said while pointing to the singing bowls. She seemed lost in thought while holding her baby in her arms.
Humans of Bhaktapur
mother and daughter
They are the beautiful ladies of Heart of Bhaktapur Guesthouse who will gladly assist your every concerns while staying in the city.
Humans of Bhaktapur
beautiful ladies of Heart of Bhaktapur Guesthouse

The nice and unassuming couple who founded SUVADRA, a non profit organization who provides help and care to children with disabilities in Nepal. Together with this, they built Heart of Bhaktapur Guesthouse (where we stayed) to assist in funding the needs of the children's home. By staying with them, you directly support the children.
Humans of Bhaktapur
lovely couple who founded Suvadra and Heart Of Bhaktapur Guesthouse

More than the architectural splendor of  Bhaktapur are the efforts of  the locals to continue to preserve the medieval period charm of this ancient city so that every foreign visitors can experience the lifestyle of centuries back. Regardless of how some might feel like an intrusion to their private lives with the constant clicks of camera thrown their way capturing their way of living, the humans of Bhaktapur have learned to ignore the invasion of their privacy. Tourism is what keeps the city afloat, it's their way of life. Nevertheless, it's always proper to ask and get to know the locals first before hitting that shutter and sharing their stories.

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  1. Looks like bhaktapur is an intimate town with a lot of lively and interesting people.

  2. I find Nepal interesting. Reading about your separate post on your itinerary. I might consider visiting this one day.

  3. Visiting Nepal is on my bucket list, I am so envious that you've been there already. You sure captured its beauty through your photos, especially of its people.

  4. The photos you took actually gave justice to the colorful cultural city. My favorite is the first photo of the lady, she looks so beautiful and perfectly framed with a colorful backdrop of fabric.

  5. I've never been to Nepal. It has an old-world look based on the pictures and it's nice that the cultural heritage is clearly preserved.

  6. You are so fortunate to visit Nepal. I love your photos.

  7. Nepal is an enchating place to see where traditions and culture are well preserved.

  8. I was touched with your travel. A travel with LOVE and SUPPORT, an advocacy to help disabled children. God bless you Shie and more travel to come.


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