Dec 2, 2009

Getting Acquainted with TAIPEI via Google Map

My only idea of TAIWAN then was F4 and Meteor Garden, this Taiwanese series started the Asianovela craze here in the Philippines. So when a friend suggested a trip to Taiwan, I got really interested although it wasn't  included in my soon to visit travel destinations probably because of visa restrictions. Anyway when I was given the visa, I started checking out Wiki Travel for infos about Taiwan, then got hooked with Google Map Street View of Taipei. It was fascinating to actually see real streets of places I want to visit in Taipei.

When you enter a place in the search box, if a street view is available, you'll see a person icon on the navigation scroll, just drag that icon to that street with the red button and voila, you'll be transported to a street view. What would be amazing is to see that street view in real time with real movements, but that's already asking for too much, LOL.

The navigational button on the top leftmost portion can be directed to move 360 degrees ...
Google Map is just perfect for travelers, providing tools for not getting lost while helping us in reducing our carbon footprints. Thanks Google Map.

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