Dec 5, 2009


Curious how we were able to get around Taipei efficiently? METRO TAIPEI is by far the most efficient mass transit system I've been to. I think better than Hong Kong's MTR. It's very clean, tourist friendly, orderly, punctual and reliable, with digital screens showing real time arrival information and underground malls located on their main station. Its very effective in cutting our traveling time by more than half.

For tourist, its more convenient to buy their EASYCARD to get around the different stations faster and with ease, its also applicable as payment for Bus Rides. The Adult Easycard cost NT500, containing NT400 usable amount and NT100 cash deposit which can be refunded upon return. This is very similar to Hong Kong's OCTOPUS Card.

Instead of retuning our EASYCARD, we decided to keep it as remembrance even if mine still has 106NT usable balance plus the 100NT deposit. I'll most probably be back in a year and this will surely come in handy.

I've created a small clip to feature our Metro Taipei experience.


  1. METRO TAIPEI is by far the most efficient mass transit -- very true! The lines are interconnected that you don't have to get out from one terminal to transfer to another :)

    The easy card can also be refilled in any 24x7 store.

  2. wow! better than in HK? ok yan ha!

    ako naman, the most efficient transit system for me is the one in Paris. hanep talaga! many lines, transfer lang ng transfer. and as they say there, "you are never a 5-minute walk away from a metro station." :)


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