Jul 15, 2019

PSPCA : Your Friendly Pet Shelter and Affordable Pet Clinic

Originally Published: 05/01/15
Updated: 07/15/19
PSPCA stands for Philippine Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and they've been around since 1904 to protect and promote the welfare of every animal in the Philippines. It's also a pet shelter and a pet clinic in one roof.

PSPCA Pet Shelter and Clinic
The photo above is the PSPCA Arch in front of University of the East, get inside the compound to locate the PSPCA Clinic shown at the photo below
The clinic is open Monday to Saturday and usually close during holidays. Operating hours as follow:

Monday - Friday: 8:00AM - 4:00PM
Saturday: 7:00AM - 3:00PM
Sunday: CLOSED

Contact No is (02) 7339427

PSPCA Pet Shelter and Clinic
Newly renovated PSPCA

Thanks to PSPCA! Our dogs' medical bills were reduced to more than a half. There was a time when we spent a thousand a week for 3 mos in this popular pet clinic to find a cure for our dog's skin problems that proved ineffective in the long run despite the expensive treatment. PSPCA clinic is the wiser choice whenever our furbabies have health issues and vaccination needs. Their rates are very affordable and you can expect their doctors and staffs to provide the utmost care for your pets.


PSPCA is located at C.M. Recto directly in front of the University of the East. Exact address is 2044 C.M. Recto, Quiapo, Manila.
PSPCA Pet Shelter and Clinic
Map of PSPCA

They had a renovation last quarter of 2014 to improve their services and facilities. Their new look and feel is a welcome sight. I really don't mind if they slightly increased their fees because of this. Although, I would appreciate more if there will be more attending doctors to accommodate more patients faster and lessen the waiting time.

better services and facilities and new rates

PSPCA CLINIC FEES (as of February 1, 2015)


Clinic Fee - PhP 120
Laboratory (Stool Exam/Skin Scraping) - PhP 75


4 IN 1 (Novibac) - PhP 330
5 IN 1 (Recombitek C6) - PhP 330
6 IN 1 (Eurican LR) - PhP 480
Anti Rabies - PhP 220
Kennel Cough - PhP 300


Toy and Small Breed - PhP 2500
Medium Breed - PhP 3000 - 3500
Large Breed - PhP 4500 - 6000


PhP 800 - 2500


PhP 800 - 1500


Cats -PhP 800
Dogs - PhP 1000 - 1500


PhP 1000 - 2000

A Piece of Advise

A piece of advice to those planning a visit to PSPCA, expect a long line and long waiting time (like 3 hrs). As soon as you arrived, register at the front desk and then wait for your number to be called. I suggest go there as early as you can, possibly be there just before the clinic opens. Most likely, the volume of people is not as heavy as the afternoon crowd and you and your pet can find a comfortable spot to rest while waiting. As a preventive measure, I usually distance my dog to other sick pets to prevent possible contamination of deadly viral diseases like parvo and distemper. 

There are usually 4 attending doctors, 1 of which is assigned to vaccinations.

I just wish every pet owners and pet lovers can have easy access to all services of PSPCA. Maybe more PSPCA clinic branches and shelters in the future? I hope!


  1. Thanks for the info..

  2. Hello Shie. Does the PSPCA have dogs for adoption? I've come across the PAWS shelter but haven't heard of this one before. Thanks.

  3. hi shie ask ko lang if how much po ang laboratory kapag blood test po at abdominal xray

  4. Hi Rolyn,

    They don't have xray for pets but for the blood test it cost 600 pesos.

  5. Anytime po bang pwede mag pa-neuter?

  6. Yun novibac po ba nila ay pwede rin for cats?

  7. Thank you for the information it help us a lot :)

  8. I really love my dog.... I am the only one can give her a bath before and calm her. Pero ngaun kahit ako di ko n po sya mapaliguan kapag hinahawakan ko pa lang ung kadena nya akmang mangangagat na talaga and natatakot n ko para sa family ko. My youngest son 2y.o. got antirabies vaccine last year because of her. I really need help hope you can help me. Gusto ko sana sya dalin sa isang place where she can adopt her ung hindi sya kakatayin. Problema ko din how to get her out of the house since d ko n din sya mahawakan at kakagatin ako. Pls HELP ME! Thanks.

    1. Please check FB and join some dog lovers groups where you can plead your case. Try Happy Dogs PH, Animal Care Advocacy Ph, message PAWS or CARA. Do everything you can to look for a good heart who's capable of adopting your dog.


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