Mar 22, 2018


Tuscany is indeed one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. Visited by millions of people every year, the region is well known for its breathtaking panoramas, exquisite food, and great wines. It sure can be a challenge to explore Tuscany to the fullest, especially if one is visiting the region for the first time. When traveling to a new place, one needs to plans ahead and prepare a list of the tourist attractions. They must take the transportation into account and the costs involved for lodging and food. Thankfully, there are some great villa rentals in Tuscany located in the most beautiful part of Italy. You not only get excellent services but at the most affordable prices too! Book in advance as these villas are always overbooked. If you are in Tuscany only for a couple of days, then here are some places you absolutely must visit.


It's a must to explore the magical and charming city. Known as the Cradle of Renaissance, Florence the natural way to start your Tuscan trip. Seeped in history, there is so much to do and see here. You can stroll through its streets and visit the main museums, palazzos, monuments, churches and more. The city has so much to offer and is sure to keep busy the whole day! Cathedral’s Dome, Uffizi Gallery, Church of Santa and the “David” at the Accademia is a must-see.


Do visit Volterra, which happens to be one of the most beautiful hill towns of Tuscany. As is apparent by its medieval and Renaissance buildings, the walled town boasts of a well-preserved past. The must-see attractions include its Roman theatre Etruscan sites. Explore the Piazza dei Priori, Palazzo dei Priori and the Palazzo Pretorio as well as the Roman Amphitheatre and the Romanesque Cathedral and its Baptistery.


When you mention Chianti, you get visions of iconic vineyards and olive trees spread all over the Chianti areas. Located just a few kilometers south of Florence, you can always take a car or a bike trip across a series of country roads. You are sure to find yourself in a food and wine paradise. Chianti Classico route that touches Greve in Chianti, Gaiole and Castellina towns is the most popular. Discover some hidden gems in this beautiful area along with wine and olive tasting.

Val d'Orcia

When you visit Val d'Orcia, you will feel that that image of Tuscany with great vineyards, lush green fields, and vast rolling hills holds true. This area boasts of some very famous towns such as Montalcino, Monticchiello, Pienza, Montepulciano and Bagno Vignoni. In fact, the whole area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and each visage is unique in itself.


Another top in your list should be the Leaning Tower of Pisa. When in town, make sure that Piazza dei Miracoli is not the only stop as there are loads to see. Head towards Borgo Stretto, Piazza dei Cavalieri, and Piazza delle Vettovaglie. Explore some noteworthy spots such as Palazzo Blu and San Matteo Museum and not to miss, the beautiful “Chiesa della Spina” church.

San Gimignano

San Gimignano is indeed one of the most beautiful hill towns of Tuscany. Well known as the medieval Manhattan, the town is surrounded by an expansive countryside. Characterized by narrow streets and stone towers, Piazza del Duomo is the main square. From here you can gaze at sights of the Palazzo del Popolo, Palazzo del Podes, and the Loggia. The surrounding countryside of San Gimignano produces the famous Vernaccia wine.


Lucca is famous for its perfectly preserved 16th-century walls. Nicknamed the “city of 100 churches”, a great starting point is to take a tour of the kilometer walkway that overlooks the town. Make a visit to Piazza Anfiteatro, Guinigi tower, San Martino Cathedral, and the S. Michele square.


Do include Siena in your itinerary as this is indeed a charming town with a unique history. Explore the city as you walk on those cobblestone streets lined by brick buildings. Siena is famous worldwide for the Palio which is organized on July 2nd and August 16th. Enter the unmistakable shell-shape heart of the city referred to as Piazza del Campo. You can gaze at the 88 meter Torre Del Mangia from here. Another must-visit is the Cathedral with a magnificent marble mosaic floor and a spectacular interior.


Another famous Tuscan hill town in the countryside is Monteriggioni. The hamlet is home to the ten-meter-high fortified walls and the fourteen towers that are well preserved and can be sighted from afar. One is already in the middle of the village as they enter the medieval doors. Monteriggioni is visited not just by tourists but also pilgrims from all over the world.


Arezzo boasts of plenty of monuments, museums, and churches. The well-preserved city center carries as ancient origins and offers its visitors a chance to go back in time. A good starting point is from Piazza Grande and sees Palazzo delle Logge as well as Loggiato Vasariano that were designed by Vasari. Another important stop is the Basilica of San Francesco and Cappella Bacci. You must not miss the Romanesque church of Santa Maria della Pieve and the Museum of Medieval and Modern Art.

There is actually a lot more to Tuscany than the above-listed spots and sites. Try to fit all the tourist attraction in your itinerary but if time is limited, just pick the most important sites.

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