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What's on your bucket list?

I've been meaning to write it down some time ago especially when I saw this Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson movie about dying and making the most of what's left, but the idea of a written bucket list staring at my face  and seeing most of them not happening anytime soon or ever would only stress me out further. Well I'm doing this anyway, just so I can push myself to make this happen and if not, 5 to 10 years from now, this page will be termed My Anti-Bucket List, hahaha.

Here's my List : 

1. Visit BATANES   and tour around riding a bike.

2. Visit PALAWAN -  Coron  , Puerto Princesa ,  El Nido

3. Food trip in Davao  (Partially Done! A second trip has to follow)

4. Do an ADVENTURE (something that scares me)

5. Backpacking South East Asia 
    Malaysia  ✔, Singapore  ✔, Vietnam   , Cambodia ,  Thailand  , Myanmar , Laos , Indonesia , Brunei 

6. Get fit, lose 3 inches on my waist and firm my thighs. (a tough call for the nth years, lol)

7. Organize charity events for some less fortunate kababayans in my hometown.

8. To finally drive alone by myself. (Attended 3 driving schools but can't seem to overcome my fear.)

9. Travel Solo

10. Revisit Berlin, Germany and do a Euro Tour on a Eurail to bordering countries that include Paris, Italy and Greece.

11. Visit Brazil (Christ the Redeemer Statue and Carnival in Rio) and Peru's Machu Pichu.

12. A real Trip to Jerusalem.

13. An ultimate road trip with friends, camping out in tents and sleeping under the stars.

14. To see at least three of the Seven Wonders of the World.

15. To find and fall in love with the most awesome travel buddy with whom to share these experiences with ;-). (well, except for number 8 & 9)

16. Learn to dance Salsa and Tango.

17. Put up my own travel/coffee/photography shop business.

18. Experience winter and do some winter activities.

19. Visit ICELAND!!! 

There goes my list, how about you?

Cheers and may we all live a meaningful life ;-)


  1. Wow! That's quite a bucket list! I have a few ones I want done in the list too. But I have not really gotten down to listing them all. Too afraid to be disappointed (?)

    1. yeah its quite a long list and expensive too ... and some needs to be done real soon or it will be too late. Would love to hear about your list too ;-)

  2. I have my own list but don't bother to write them down. I've traveled solo a couple of times locally and abroad already. You'll never be alone because more often than not you'll run into people who want to make friends or just strike a conversation, others you'll end up hanging out with.

    1. why not? please share your list, i love reading other peoples bucket list.

      ... soon i'll embark on a solo trip, just locally first and still thinking which province to visit, any reco?

  3. So, Shie...when are you going to do Mt. Pulag? I've seen quite a few videos posted on yotube, and I must say the view at the top seems spectacular (am singling out the sea of clouds). I've done part of Mt. Rainier in Washington State, and Haleakala (house of the sun) on Maui, but I have this gut feeling that there is something very special about Mt. Pulag ;)

    1. Are you into mountain climbing? Hopefully I can do it by March of next year and I need a lot of physical preparation to make it happen. I'm not really into this mountain trekking but its been a dream to touch those sea of clouds :) I might join one of those organized tours of travel factor, wanna join? :)

    2. Same not a hardcore mountain climbing or trekking fan, but every so often the opportunity arises and I tag along (some of my friends are). How much do those organized tours cost (if you don't mind my asking)? I have this picture in my head that if anyone can do it, you can (you seem to be a "go getter")! I wish I could take enough time off so I could join (thanks for the invite)...I'D BE ROOTING FOR YOU!;)

    3. Haha let's see how it'll go for me, thanks! :) This Conquer Pulag tour cost 4,100 pesos, all in. You might be interested to check their site, they organize different kinds of tours ...

    4. You're welcome:) I see, that's not bad at all(P1,400). Thanks for the info...I will check them out and play it by ear from there. Let me know how the physical conditioning goes...I might be tempted to throw in an incentive to affirm my confidence in you, hehe! You go, girl! Catch you later:)

    5. Really now, haha! That incentive sounds like a good motivation to pursue this plan, lol! Hey you mix the numbers, its 4,100 ... but the price is really reasonable considering the convenience it involves :)

  4. Oh, yeah, that was a "dyslexia" moment on my part, haha;) Still that's not bad at all- that is less than US$100. OK, here is the deal...since I am dying to go to Mt. Pulag but can't within the next year or so, the next best thing is for me to encourage someone whom I feel comfortable with, & that's you (they say 'am a good judge of character), and try to benefit from your feedback. If you make it to the summit and promise to take some video footage and/or pictures, and do a good write up on your blog, I will reimburse you for the entire Mt. Pulag trip plus your RT airfare on the Batanes trip (no strings attached)! Think about it this way - If I came on a trip to PH I would, perhaps, be spending anywhere between US5K and US10K anyway, so, I think it's a win-win situation. Shie, this is no b.s. - I am not yanking your chain, hehe:) So, take your time and sleep on it! If you think it's absurd then let's forget that anything was ever said and my apologies for having the audacity to even mention it. If you are ok with it, I will send you an e-mail to iron out the logistics of the finances. Now, does that sound like motivation to you!;) Oh, by the way, fyi - if it's 6:00am Sunday over there, it's 12:00 noon Saturday over here. Talk to you later:)

    1. Patrick, you're serious?? You'll throw that money for someone you barely know? I'm really tempted and once I accept it, you can't take it back hahaha! ;) I'm just working on some project due today, you might want to think it again before I say yes :)

    2. Yes, Shie...'am dead serious and I'm in full control of my mental faculties, haha!! Perhaps, I knew you from a previous life, hehe:) You project such an infectious enthusiasm for living, that I can't help but smile...and I know you won't disappoint!:) I've spent money on frivolous things before and "this is NOT one of them". Let's just say that it's a small way to help promote tourism and adventure in the PH since people from all over will be reading your posts - so it's for a worthy cause, don't you think so?:)

      OK, no pressure, go finish your projects...think it over, and let me know:)

    3. I'm pretty sure you're not mental, haha! That reincarnation thing is really interesting ;) Well I'm happy I can make you smile even if I'm not a funny person. And since you're doing it for a good cause :D .... go, let's bring it on! :))

    4. Great!! BRING...IT...ON - that's the spirit! :) Oh, that reincarnation thing...I honestly don't believe in it but I believe in "deja vu", hehe. :) Judging by the exchange of comments and replies that we've had so far, I find it hard to believe that you are not a funny person. You do make me smile :))

      So, when does the physical conditioning begin, haha? Hey, what e-mial address should I contact you on to discuss the financing part of this "eco-challenge"? I am off to to you later...take care ;)

    5. Haha, I do get a lot of that deja vu. Well then if you insist I hope I can put a big smile there once I complete your challenge. I guess I need to visit the gym 2 to 3x a week starting this week *fingers crossed* lol!

      Shoot me here: shiebz at yahoo dot com. (I had to spell it that way to avoid spambots, I'm sure you got it)

      Thanks, my bed is calling me! Have a Nice Day!

    6. Naku! naglamay na naman ang dalaga! Did I get that right?? I just busted out some of my "mothballed" Tagalog. I hope you had a good night's sleep (or is it morning's sleep) ;)

      So, I shot you a message under my accarch... account...let me know...take your time, but hurry up (just kidding), take all the time you need! :)

      Sure, you will have a big smile on your face when you get to the summit and watch that spectacle called sea of clouds. If you hadn't already seen it, you might want to check out Bong Bajo's time exposure on yotube. It's pretty neat.

      OK, need to get some shuteye, busy day at work tomorrow but, we gotta do what we gotta do! I assume the night is still young over there. Have a great evening:))

    7. hahaha, that's right! You should speak more Tagalog then! Here replying and sleeping late again but I was able to take a nap right after I arrived from work.

      Great, I'll check that YT vid. Read your email, pretty detailed and organized :) I'll reply to it tomorrow. You looked like my colleague from previous work :)

    8. Haha! I can't do will deplete my reserves - I'd rather save them for later! :) Yeah, you're sleeping late again, huh! How was work, if you don't mind my asking? Do you ever get 8 hrs of rest most of the time? After I sent you that message past midnight (here), I went straight to bed, but I could not sleep - I was playing all the scenarios in my mind of how it was going to be a "great pissing contest" at the project site this morning...luckily cooler heads prevailed and the MEN instead of the BOYS came to work, hehe!

      No rush with the email...too organized, bordering on anal - sorry if it sounded like I was writing a memo for work :)

      Glad to know I look like somebody you that good or bad? Just kidding! :))

    9. oh, haha! I guess it's already part of my system, I'm actually ok with 6 hrs sleep. Work is fine, a bit pressed due to deadlines but still manageable. What do you actually do for work?

      No problem, it's actually easier to read, but I can't attend to it yet, I'm finishing some work before my boss leaves for a 1 month vacation next week.

      It was just a statement, nothing underneath it :)

    10. Wow, I give you credit...I am grumpy if I don't get at least 7 hrs of sleep, hehe!

      Yeah, deadlines, and it gets pretty intense when somebody goes on vacation, huh! :)

      Well, I work for a civil engineering consulting firm - our contracts include private, city and county, state, and federally funded projects. We specialize in infra-structure design, project administration, land use and surveying (and all that boring stuff, haha). I spend about 25% of my time in the field :)

      Sorry about that smart alec comment on my last was uncalled for and I didn't mean anything by it! Well, I am off to work...have a great day :)

    11. In my case, I tend to get lazy the whole day when I slept 8 hrs. Maybe what's important is the quality of our sleep more than the length of hours. :)

      Those are techie stuffs, no doubt you came from Mapua :) Originally I thought, you're an English professor, hehehe!

      Don't worry about it, I didn't find it that way. Enjoy the day :)

    12. That is exactly what my doctor said when I went for my routine annual physical last month. I should keep that in mind. :)

      Haha, more like geeky stuffs as we like to call them at work - thanks, am proud to be from Mapua, as I'm sure you are too :) English professor!! Hahaha, I think it comes from reading all those legal & technical mumbo-jumbo that comes with a project. Actually, that very first time that I read your blog I had this impression that you were an English professor...didn't I say you have impeccable command of the English language? :)

      Thanks for being so gracious! Don't stay up too late :)

    13. hahaha, me? English Prof? ... the Grammar Nazis would beg to disagree :))

      Sure! I was out the whole day and already sleepy now just replying to some queries posted here before I call it a day! :)

    14. Yes, you, hehe! ...the Grammar Nazis & the Gestapo have been tried, found guilty, and put away for good! :)

      Sleep tight! Later :))

    15. I say so! ;) Hey, got your message...I'll get on it :)

  5. Might I suggest a side note in item 1 - (Highly likely that a return trip will happen). ;)

    1. hahaha, of course! for a place as awesome as Batanes, once is never enough ;)

  6. Hi i read your blog about Mt. pulag since my co worker is makulit of going there by next year hopefully. Hehe then i saw your bucketlist and now I felt the excitement with encouragement of having my own bucket list and a blog to inspire, share and love of travelling for others. Thank you for sharing yours! -Pamela Jimenez

    1. That's really nice to hear Pamela. Pursue your goals and hope to read your blog and your bucket list soon. :)


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