Apr 3, 2013

INDOCHINA TOUR : The Itinerary

My Holy Week staycation proved worthwhile in planning a lot of things, one of which is preparing our itinerary for INDOCHINA tour this year and though it is still more than six months to go, I need to figure out how many days we need to cover our planned trip, what countries to visit, what must sights to see, where to stay, what to do, how much money to prepare, how many days leave from work we can afford to take and what return flight to booked.

Prepare yourself girls (you know who are), this is going to be our preliminary itinerary and probably just make some minor changes along the way.

INDOCHINA Itinerary (Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand)

***Updated as of Dec 7, 2013

DAY 0 - DEC 9 - Depart Manila via Cebu Pac 2250H
  • Pay Travel Tax (1620 pesos) and Terminal Fee (550 pesos)
  • Arrived Ho Chi Minh 12:20 am Dec 10
  • Buy Dong Currency at the Airport
  • Hotel Taxi Pick Up (14USD)
  • Check in Hotel at HONG HAN (32 USD 4pax/night inclusive breakfast)
  • Hotel Breakfast
  • City Tour  (Museum of History (Entrance - 15,000VND)*, War Remnants Museum (Entrance - 15,000VND)*, Reunification Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon Central Post Office
  • Shopping (Ben Tahn Market/Saigon Square)
  • Food trips/Socials (Allez Boo Bar and Restaurant, etc )
  • Overnight Ho Chi Mihn
DAY 2 - DEC 11
  • Hotel Breakfast
  • Cu Chi Tunnels Half Day Tour
  • Shopping or City Tour
  • Food Trips
  • Water Puppet Show
  • Overnight Ho Chi Mihn
DAY 3 - DEC 12 CAMBODIA, Siem Reap
  • Breakfast / Check Out / Leave for Cambodia (7am)
  • Bus Ride to SIEM REAP (Mekong Express 24USD - 12 hrs) 
  • Arrive Phnom Pehn around 1pm then Siem Reap at around 8pm
  • Terminal Pick up by MotherHome Guesthouse
  • Check-in/Overnight Mother Home Guesthouse (23USD/night for 2pax inclusive buffet breakfast)
DAY 4 - DEC 13 
  • Breakfast
  • Leave before sunrise for Angkor Wat Tour
  • South gate of Angkor Thom, Bayon Temples/ Chao Say Tevoda/ Thamanon/ Ta Keo/Ta Prohm Temple
  • Back at the guesthouse for lunch
  • Return to Angkor Wat at 3 pm and stay until sunset.
  • Overnight Siem Reap
DAY 5 - DEC 14
  • Breakfast 6:30AM
  • Leave at 7:10AM  for Kravan Temple/Banteay Kdei/Sras Srang/Pre Roub/East Mebon/Ta Som/Neak Pean
  • Lunch somewhere at the temple
  • Preah Khan temple
  • Back to Guesthouse
  • Buffet Dinner at Angkor Mondial Restaurant and Aspara Dancing Show (USD10/pax)

DAY 6 - DEC 15
  • Check Out then Arrange for (Leave 8am) Siem Reap to Bkk trip (16 USD) (8hrs)
  • Arrive Bangkok 5pm (Khao San Road - Hua Lampong Train Station - Silom or Lumphini)
  • Check in Accommodation at Pratunam (1,300 baht/night for 4 pax)
  • Food trip / Socials
  • Overnight BKK
DAY 7 - DEC 16
  • Breakfast
  • Ayuthaya Tour / Grand Palace Tour
  • Food Trips
  • Bangkok Market/Shopping
  • Overnight BKK
Day 8 – Dec 17, 2013 Back to Manila
  • Morning Flight Back to Manila
* 10,000VND = 20 PHP

With regards to expenses, I haven't made a detailed accounting yet but included here our accomodation expenses per night per head and our bus transportation expenses from one country to the other just to have a ballpark idea of some of the major expenses. The food there is relatively affordable so it won't be a major expense. Maybe we will spend more on shopping since these countries are known to be a shoppers paradise, yay!   ;-)

So there, our preliminary INDOCHINA itinerary. Let's do the second leg next year to cover, HANOI - LAOS - MYANMAR - MALAYSIA, whatyathink? ;-)


  1. I'm also planning my own Indochina tour but mine will be KL-Singapore-Burma-Laos. It's great that we don't need visas to go to other Southeast Asian countries except for Myanmar.


    1. Hi Wanderer Juan, lets hope our plan goes well with our Indochina trips. Yes im really happy with those countries with no visa restrictions we can visit them anytime we want :)

  2. hi! its really nice reading all your post.. please more post to come..

  3. Thanks for sharing the itinerary, i am planning tour to indochina this being very useful to know.

  4. Thanks for this itinerary. Will use this as my guide in my indochina tour next month!

    1. Sure, you'll be going there ahead of us, let me know how it went :)

  5. Check, in FUSCHIA Pink pen! Nice. Ill run thru it again and ask Mr. google for few guidance on some words/area to familiarize myself. Accounting/ budget side let's discuss separately.. Just wondering if it's wiser to get the currency here in Manila than on the airport. Though, you think US currency is more valuable? Let's talk soon and prep on the TRIP! yahooooo!!!

    1. Finally, you read it, hehehe! I'll do more research when I can find a time and lets talk about the budget later ;)

  6. Im going nextweek, last minute research :) thanks for the post.

  7. So, are you gals all set? Have you got everything straightened out? Just asking! ;) lletmw

    1. oh still last minute cramming and checking out lots of infos but to date i think i'm 60% ready. :) accommodation for vietnam and cambodia are booked but I cant finalized thailand yet because of the current situation there. we might just look for accommodation once when we get there...

    2. It seems that you are charged with the task of "taking the bull by the horns".
      Yeah, it appears that Thailand's political situation is a bit dicey... could be touch & go! Anyhow, be safe and have fun! :)

    3. haha i have no choice since I initiate this trip, the responsibility lies on my shoulder :) it's just stressful when everybody relies on you ... yeah, thanks I hope it'll be fun and safe ;)

  8. Hi Shie, thanks for this very detailed itinerary. Does this mean that our points of entry/exit to/from Philippines can be different? Based on your itinerary, you have Manila-HCM and Bangkok-Manila. I was told that I should have same points of entry and exit. In your case, I should have HCM-Manila ticket. This is needed in the checkpoint in Manila Airport.

    1. sorry for the very late reply ... yes it's totally possible, you only need to show upon check in that you have a return flight ticket.

  9. Okay, I've just bookmarked your posts. I hope you are really doing the second leg of your tour this year. I want to do something similar but I think I'm left with Cambodia-Laos-Myanmar. I've been to the other places already. Anyway, hope to read from you again soon!


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