Feb 15, 2015

House Decor Finds at Dapitan Arcade

Dapitan Arcade is a treasure trove for homemakers looking for affordable house decors. It's our to go place when hunting for reasonably priced house decors, handicrafts, wood furniture, kitchen wares and even plants and pots. 

We went to Dapitan Arcade last holiday season to look for Christmas decors and some items we could use for our home makeover and we did find some interesting stuffs that aren't usually available at department stores.

Dapitan Arcade
this section is inside Dapitan Arcade

Dapitan ArcadeDapitan Arcade is located at the corner of Kanlaon St and Dapitan St in Quezon City. It's a small building but outside and around the vicinity are several stalls who also sell some of the items you'll find inside but at better prices (well, that depends on your bargaining skills).

Dapitan Arcade
glass wares / ceramic wares / wrought iron crafts / Christmas decors
The area isn't overwhelming unlike Divisoria or Quiapo. You'll probably need 30 minutes to scan the place and source for what you need but most likely you'll stay longer because of the many interesting house decors you spotted while going around.
It's more ideal to bring your car when going at Dapitan Arcade because I'm pretty sure you'll buy things that are more than a handful.
Dapitan Arcade
interesting stuffs, right?

Dapitan Arcade
wood letters

Dapitan Arcade
lamps and vases

Dapitan Arcade
Himalayan Salt Lamps
 I was surprised to find Himalayan Salt Lamps at Dapitan Arcade. I bought one when I went to Nepal. You can find this at the 2nd floor of Dapitan Arcade, the only store on that floor.
Dapitan Arcade
Christmas Decors
Hanging Plant Pots
I've been looking for these hanging pots and luckily find them in the area. However, if you're also sourcing for this now, you can already find them in Divisoria, around Sta Elena and Juan Luna for 15 pesos a piece. I got this here at 20 pesos a piece.

Plants and Herbs

And while you're there, a few steps away from Dapitan Arcade, you can drop by at Suki Market for some fresh market finds. You'll also be surprise to see plenty of sushi shops inside and shabu shabu ingredients offered at more reasonable prices.

Suki Market
Suki Market

Sushi Stores around Suki Market


Dapitan Arcade Map

So, if you're doing a house makeover on a budget, Dapitan Arcade is your best source for affordable house decors.


  1. Hi Shie,

    I stumbled across your blog while I was researching about my trip to Manila. I read all your Divisoria blogs and love love love how much detail you are sharing !! It def. help me plan my trip better and save some energy haha!

    Anyways, I have a question about shopping for Philippine snacks and some Japanese / Korean Snacks, and spices/ condiments to bring back home to share! Which supermarkets / stores would you recommend (in terms for prices & quality)? Really appreciate your help. Keep up with the good work! Have fun traveling!!


    1. Hi Amy, thank you for your nice words. I'm glad I can be of help. Philippine snacks are easy to find. They are available in all supermarkets like SM, Puregold. The cheapest could be in Divisoria if you're buying in bulk and you have the patience to brave the crowd. Some SM supermarkets also carry Japanese and Korean snacks but I suggest you check Metro Gaisano Supermarket coz I saw more varieties of Asian goodies there. There's a branch in Lucky Chinatown Mall and a bigger branch in Fort Bonifacio.

      Hope you enjoy your trip to Manila.

  2. Hi there!

    Thanks for sharing your photos from Dapitan. We hope you don't mind, we used some of your photos for our Favorite Places for DIY Party Shopping post. Your blog has been credited (with a link) as photo source. : )



    1. Sure, as long as it's properly credited, it's okay. :)

  3. Good day, where can I find Pvc wall sticker in divisors. Thank you.


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