Dec 2, 2013

Good Deal Finds Only in QUIAPO, Manila

Photography gadgets, affordable eyeglasses, beads and accessories, vintage items, electronic and hardware supplies and fresh lumpia are the main reasons you'll see me roaming the streets of Quiapo, scouring for good finds while making it a point to visit Quiapo church to say a little prayer afterwards.

Here's a small map to guide you where to locate the good finds I've mentioned above.



This is no secret to most photographers and  photography enthusiasts and you'll see them converged on the streets of R. Hidalgo, P. Gomez and the corner of Carlos Palanca St. looking for the most up to date DSLRs, Point and Shoots, camera lenses and gadgets and anything photography related, even the vintage kinds. My usual routine when looking for something camera related is to canvas all the camera shops starting with Henry's at P. Gomez St and then a final stop at Mayer Photo located at the corner of Carlos Palanca St and more often than not Mayer Photo usually gave the best value for money, well, that's if you're dealing with Mang Ramon himself, the owner :) You can always haggle for the best offer and you'll get more discounts when you buy in cash. Prices here are usually 20 to 30% cheaper than mall prices.
Photography shops in Quiapo
This is Hidalgo St corner P.Gomez St


At VILLALOBOS St, you can find stores selling beads and accessories for either wholesale and retail purchase. WELLMANSON is where I usually go when I find the need to update my accessories. The place has expanded quite a number of times and they've added more sections such as a kiosk where you can order something to eat while sitting comfortably and surfing the internet using their free wifi connection. It is well organized, with air conditioning and lots of presentable sales staff manning every nook and cranny. They are now open daily and that means even on Sundays :).

Wellmanson, Quiapo

Wellmanson, Quiapo


If you can brave the crowd in Quiapo, you'll save a lot on eyeglasses. You can scour the optical shops lining the street of  PATERNO  for the cheapest offer. What usually would cost 2,000 TO 3,000 pesos at the malls, you'll only get it here at more or less a thousand pesos. Alongside, you'll find dental supplies shops as well.
Optical Shops along Paterno St, Quiapo

4.) EXCELENTE, Chinese Cooked Ham

Excelente is located along Carlos Palanca St and this place gets full packed a few days before Christmas and New Year. So if you're planning to purchase in bulk as part of your Christmas giveaways or just for your family's celebration, it's still best to plan ahead to avoid the crowd. 
Excellente, Chinese Cooked ham


It's a small hole in the wall with only a few seats available, no airconditioning and nothing fancy but people even of A-list status flock to the place because of the yummy fresh lumpia that only costs 16 pesos a piece. I think the price has not changed for a long time and the taste is still how it used to be. You're lucky to be able to find a seat if you go there on a weekend and if you're planning to take out some, ready yourself for the long wait. The place is located along RAON St near Quezon Blvd. Look for the sign GLOBE and it's fronting the electronics and appliance store DEECO.
GLOBE Lumpia House


Along RAON St you'll see stores selling the cheapest electronic appliances, sound systems, karaoke/videoke players and the likes. Hardware stores also ply the street of RAON. When you cross Quezon Blvd using the overpass, you'll find bike shops like Cycle Art along that stretch. 
Raon Shopping Center


This is where the first ever Shoe Mart was built. It used to be just a small shoe store before but now everyone knows how huge and powerful SM has become. Today, SM Carriedo or SM Quiapo is more popularly known as SM Clearance Outlet Store where items are sold at a discount. This is where I usually buy Christmas gifts for the kids.
SM Clearance Outlet, Quiapo


2 level building with most stores selling accessories for cell phones of all kinds and of the cheapest kinds are available here. Take your pick and just be wary of the pickpockets.

QUIAPO just like DIVISORIA shares the tag as a bargain shopper's paradise but each one has their own unique characteristics that separates one from the other. What I listed above are just some of the major good deals you can find around Quiapo. You can also read my Divisoria shopping guide for more tips on how to stay away from pickpockets, on how to snag the best deals and where to find them.

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  1. OMG! I did not know there's an SM Clearance outlet until today. This is definitely the place to go whenever malls are not on sale and on a shopping mode.

  2. A friend of mine also suggested to visit there if ever I wish to buy a decent camera. Great finds, I might visit there since it's along my way to school.

  3. My favorite in Quiapo is the SM clearance outlet. It is really money savings and of course the optical stores.

    1. Hi! :) May I ask which among the optical shops is the best for you? Thanks! :)

  4. Quiapo!, there are so many things to see in this place and it's very busy too!. It's just near in my school. :)

  5. Thank you for the Wellmanson's location. Been looking for the store for a long time. :)

  6. OMG, I'm a big fan of Quiapo area, I always go there whenever I can to buy stuffs, thanks for this awesome post!


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