Jul 31, 2013

A Trip Down Memory Lane with Dionne Warwick

Truly delighted to see a diva in flesh, a chart topper during the rock era, Ms Dionne Warwick performed at Smart Araneta Coliseum last July 23 to an enthusiastic crowd. She may no longer be in her best element but at 72 years old and still performing to a large audience , she rightfully deserves our big applause. It was a Philippine Tour that started at Manila Hotel, then Davao City, the one I watched at Smart Araneta and finally at Baguio City. I wonder how she can still keep up with that kind of schedule at her age.
Dionne Warwick Phil Tour 2013
Tavares, an American R&B funk and soul group started the act showcasing their 70's and 80's hits. A bit surprised because I'm not familiar with this group but they performed songs that I came to love while in high school and hearing them again became a trip down memory lane. They did about 7 songs and I eagerly sang along when they performed, "A Penny For Your Thoughts", "More Than a Woman" and their encore "Hardcore Poetry". Before they finally bid goodbye uttering Tagalog words like "Iniibig Kita", "Salamat po" and even "Ano kayo baliw?", they promised to be back and said remember who sang this song (Hardcore Poetry) ... not STYLISTICS! Oh yeah, I know that now ;)

Dionne Warwick came to the stage after 5 minutes wearing a short blond hair,  green fitted pants, multi colored top and a posture that says I'm still fit and capable of giving you all a good show. She started the show with the song composed by Bee Gees the "HEART BREAKER". We can feel that she was struggling and her once powerful vocal quality have diminished and now displaying a mellowed tone and a hoarse voice nevertheless she still connected with the audience. Her audience felt her passion and honesty. Everyone was singing along while she was performing her greatest hits.
Dionne Warwick Phil Tour


  1. Heart Breaker
  2. Antonio Carlos Jobim medley (et al Aquarela Do Brasil ...)
  3. Do You Know The Way To San Jose
  4. Alfie
  5. You'll Never Get To Heaven
  6. I'll Never Fall in Love Again
  7. This Girl's In Love With You
  8. I Say A little Prayer
  9. Love Is Still The Answer
  10. 99 Miles from LA
  11. Walk On By
  12. I Know I'll Never Love This Way Again
  13. What The World Needs Now
  14. That's What Friends Are For
Performing 14 songs may have exhausted her and so the audience clamor for an encore did not happen but I can sense that everyone had an enjoyable evening of good music and unforgettable memories courtesy of  Dionne Warwick and Tavares giving us an entertaining trip down memory lane.
GMA News Photo (Even Pres. PNOY took the time out to watch Dionne Warwick)


  1. this must have been have a great show!!i love her and her songs too

  2. Dione was before me..
    Its good to make such an effort like this, I can imagine that she must have been a very hard working person in her prime.
    Really its going to be hard to put down sometimes.
    WOuld have love to see this concert in person, Young as I am..
    I like old songs. :)

    1. We must be old souls :) I grew up listening and adoring her music. To date she released an album to stay in the music scene.

  3. I think being 72 and still having a following is a testament to her music.

  4. Wow! she's the voice behind that beautiful songs ? Her music and songs are timeless...

  5. I heard her song and I heard her name, but admittedly, I haven't heard her sing her song. She must have sound so good even at her age for the people to clamor for more. Kudos to her and her passion for music!

  6. I 've always liked her voice, her music. It's good to know she's still at it.

  7. Great experience you have Shie, to attend this one of a kind concert of Dione Warwick. My former dad used to sing her songs, along with Tavares and Stylistics. 60's and 70's had soulful great music and they were timeless.

  8. She is one of my favorite singer. She is an amazing singer, Love her voice.

  9. wow.. its a shame i never heard of her music nor about her. i search the youtube and well her voice is calming:)

  10. A legend that is indeed worth watching and listening to her songs.

  11. Their music was famous while I was growing up. That's what friends are for...lalalala :)

  12. I feel like an idiot. I have to Google her name para makilala siya. Looks like I'm a loser for not knowing who she is :/

  13. This is so cool! I didn't know P-Noy was at the Dionne Warwick concert! =)

  14. nice to see enjoying the whole event!! her music is timeless! love all of them too!

  15. I remembered her from the reality show "The Apprentice" , and she is really smart and fabulous! and oh a great singer too. :)

  16. Dionne Warwick is an icon no matter what. Her songs is truly unforgettable.

  17. Been listening to her music before. She's indeed a legend and her songs are worth listening.

  18. I grew up knowing her songs especially those composed by Burt Bacharach....by the way, I noticed Mar is iin thepix but where's K?

  19. I know most of the songs you listed.. ngayon ko lang nalaman na siya pala ang kumanta ng mga yan..and some of the songs listed are my favorites! (thanks to My Best friend's wedding haha)

  20. The only song I am familiar with is #12. I honestly don't know who she is but at 72, I think she's a legend!

  21. at her age, Miss Warwick is still a belter. Great event I missed.


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