Jul 27, 2013

Two Million Users Reached in Six Weeks After Launch by New Travel Video Website

Los Angeles, Calif. - July 22, 2013 — Urbita, a leading local information platform co-founded by a team of startup veterans, has publicly announced the launch of a spin-off video website simply called Travel Videos. In a competitive industry as travel, the site has grown from zero to two million unique visitors just six weeks after launching its beta.

Travel Videos

As its name suggests, Travel Videos contains videos about virtually every city in the world, gathered from a variety of sources and organized using Urbita's comprehensive database of around 180,000 cities and towns. Launched early in June, the site has attained great traction and was visited by more than two million unique users. The company expects to double those numbers next month, making Travel Videos one of the most visited sites of its niche.

“Thinking about going somewhere but would like to first have an idea of what you will find? Watching amateur videos for the place will certainly give you a much more realistic vibe than whatever your favorite travel guide author had a chance to see during his quick visit and felt like writing about,” says Pablo Kleinman, CEO of Urbita. “Depending on the location selected, one can find all sorts of material, 
from city tours to the last local music festival or sports event, to a political demonstration downtown.”

Travel Videos is available in over 15 languages and is very user-friendly. The main page features general interest videos about traveling, as well as a selection of recommendations that provide a glimpse into what other people are searching for. Aside from millions of videos, Travel Videos also features amateur photos and professional maps of the cities and towns you search for, as well as a link to the local places featured on Urbita and links to external sources of geographical and historical information. Users can also see listings of nearby towns where they can further explore.“We think this is a great new addition to the online travel space,” says Kleinman. “Travel Videos is a fantastic tool for anyone planning a trip, or for those just wanting to travel the world without leaving their homes.”

About Urbita
Urbita is a platform that allows people to find and share first-hand local information, visited by more than seven million unique users every month. On Urbita, people can create a board about their city and include in it, all of the things that, in their eyes, make their town a special and exciting place.

About Travel Videos
Travel Videos is the first search engine for travel videos. Enter the name of any country, city or town in the world and watch the best videos together with great travel information, photos, local places and more.

Contact Information
Pablo Grandinetti
Urbita, Inc.
+1 424-294-URBT (8728)


  1. Cool, I have never heard of this site before but I might visit it later. =)

  2. Oh wow! zero to 2 million "unique" visitors? Thats a great way to start! :)

  3. This is the first time that I've heard of Travel Videos! Napaka-successful naman ng site na 'to!

  4. It's nice that they were able develop a site to raise awareness for travel and it has grown so fast too.

  5. This means that many people are looking forward to travel to different parts of the world.

  6. Wow then this site is a huge success. It's my first time to hear about this. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Never heard of this iste before but I will check it for sure.i am curious of the 2 million unique view.

  8. First time to hear about this site, for sure i'll be frequently visit this site since I love to travel.

  9. 2 million users/6 weeks --the product of a great promotional campaign. I'll check the site later to see what it has to offer.


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