Feb 10, 2013

Family Get Together at Villa Corazon Private Resort

It's becoming family traditions to celebrate get togethers when some balikbayan relative came for a visit at some nice hot spring resort in Pansol, Laguna. Our previous one was on this very lovely place which was pretty very new during that time. Our first option was to hire that place for the second time but my sister fears driving that steep slope again and so are the others so I have to reconsider and look for another place. I'm still hoping to visit that place again :) .

I 've been meaning to rent this place, Pansol Terraces which I saw on Facebook but the owners wouldn't even reply to a simple message. Apparently, it is only open for people they know, anyway that's totally their prerogative.

Well, my final pick was here at Villa Corazon, somehow they have a good view of the mountains, 3 rooms to accommodate 30+ people, good facilities, enough size of swimming pool with clean and newly replaced hot spring water, free and unlimited use of karaoke, sungka while the other facilities like billiards, poker game, etc and jacuzzi can be used for a fee.They have enough space for parking and we were able to fit in 2 cars and 4 SUVs  and I think it can accomodate 2 more slots. 
Villa Corazon Hot Spring Private Resort
entrance view from the 2nd floor of the house

Their rates are quite affordable for a 24 hour stay which is 11,000 pesos but overnight stay is 8,500 pesos that makes it just 2,500 pesos cheaper. It's a lot more reasonable to use it for 24 hours, if only our schedule permitted.

Villa Corazon Hot Spring Resort
front entrance of Villa Corazon

The ground floor has no closed walls which makes it easier to access all their facilities that are just within your reach. You just have to be wary that the gates are properly locked and your valuable things taken cared off before calling it a night. There are 3 caretakers manning the place but its always better to be on the safe side.
Villa Corazon Hot Spring Resort
ground floor area

The pool and jacuzzi are on this side.

Villa Corazon Hot Spring Resort
Pool area

unlimited use of Karaoke

Villa Corazon Hot Spring Resort
night swimming

Most of us weren't able to sleep as we need to leave the place by 6AM and another group is scheduled to arrive by 7AM and we all need to proceed to Lipa, Batangas after this to attend another celebration. I'd say it was "bitin" but memorable and fun nonetheless.

Villa Corazon, Pansol, Laguna
group shot ng mga puyat at bagong gising

Its a nice place, just 3 yrs old with nice facilities and ample parking and very suitable for get togethers and family reunions. Thanks to our cousin Mark for making it happen. We all had fun.

Villa Corazon Private Hot Spring Resort Details :

Phone : 851-1587 / 853-3652 / 964-6314

Email : macortravel@yahoo.com ; macormarketing@yahoo.com ; macortraveltour@yahoo.com

Website : http://www.villacorazonresort.multiply.com

Address : Daang Montemar, Maharlika Village, Pansol, Calamba City, 4029, Calamba CityLaguna

direction to Villa Corazon Hot Spring Resort
Map going to  Villa Corazon

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  1. Oh wow lovely post..I think you really do a great fun at this lovely place..thanks to share this kind of post...


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