Jan 24, 2013

Low Cost Cruises and Last Minute Deals

When it comes to searching for low-cost holidays, a cruise might not normally spring to mind. In most cases, cruise holidays are typically a little more expensive than your average beach break - and that's because you get so much more with a cruise. Aside from the opportunity to wake up to a new destination every morning - which is a huge selling point in itself - you'll also get stacks of other highlights such as professional evening entertainment, inclusive first-class cuisine and the use of fantastic onboard facilities too. It's like several holidays rolled into one.

It seems fair then to expect to pay a little extra for a cruise holiday. But happily for those of us who love a good bargain, there are plenty of deals and discounts on offer to help make it that little bit easier on the pocket.

First off, check out the range of last minute cruises available. Just like any package holiday, as the departure date of a cruise draws near you'll often find the prices dropping significantly, which is designed to help sell off those last few cabins before the ship sets sail. After all it's better for the cruise operator to fill cabins with paying guests - even if they only paid a fraction of the cost - rather than letting the space go empty.

This is a great tactic and one that can easily be applied to the full spectrum of mainstream cruise operators and liners. So whether you fancy a luxury non-stop voyage around the Caribbean islands with Royal Caribbean International, a two-night mini cruise or a stint on the lovely Norwegian Epic, the chances are you'll always find a last-minute deal to tickle your fancy.

What better way to get your holiday off to a flier than with an adventure-packed cruise that's not only several holidays rolled into one, but cheaper-than-average too? Perfect.

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