May 23, 2011


I'm getting used to camping now and surprisingly find it enjoyable and so much fun and very inexpensive. I guess the secret there is to be with people you are comfortable with, who knows roughing it out can be a lot of fun.

Since its already becoming a habit, I find it practical to now buy a tent. Well, not the expensive brands but instead settled for a generic one that can fit the air bed I had, one with enough leg room that can fit 3 persons and luckily I found one in Divisoria for only 800 peso bucks. :)

It was a nice weekend with a fully booked itinerary at hand. We first attended my bff's Fashion Week Show at SMX at 1pm with my beau .... congrats Ricky, you owe me a swimwear :) ... Afterwards, we meet our other friends who will tag along us in our car  and then regroup with other friends who are already waiting for us at Paseo de Sta Rosa. We bought our goodies at Paseo .... food, booze and more  food to feed us till morning of the next day.

We arrived at the camp around 7pm. There were quite a number of campers that day and the spot that we were hoping to get were already occupied. Anyway, what was important then was the cold summer night breeze at Nature Discovery Camp.  It was windy and cold but still humid but its nothing like in Manila.  I'm glad the cardigan I brought won't be useless after all and it didn't rain! That's a blessing!

We unpack our things, set up our tents and then prepare the food for dinner. Our menu, bulalo, caldereta, crispy pata, boneless bangus, pork barbeque and grilled maya maya! We didn't realize we had that much food, really! Wasn't able to get food shots, everyone was excited to eat!

Caezar in charge of all the grilling

Inuman na!!!

Afterwards, its drinking time ..... always what made the guys so happy!

It was really getting chilly by that time, the ladies decided to call it quits by 1am and the guys finished by 3am. What is it with guys and booze and unending chit chat??? someone tell me pls.....  (sounds like I'm complaining, hehehe).

I'm still groggy but the sun rays were directly hitting us, and the noise from the other campers woke us up. So we greeted the morning by 6am, prepared breakfast and just enjoy the beauty of nature.

The guys were looking for the barbecue around 15 sticks left that they set aside last night to have it reheated this morning but I guess someone is so hungry and took it but left the boneless bangus instead, "di nya type, hehehe".  There were more leftovers from yesterday's dinner and we gave it all to the caretaker boys who helped us carry our things back to our car.

Everyone feasted on the newly cooked breakfast instead :)))

breakfast na!!!

The guys all go for a swim after but not for me, the water is so cold! Mag shower na lang ako sa shower room. ;)

the water is clean but very cold!

We pack up by 11am and check out by 12 noon. Our total bill from Nature's Camp is 2,300 pesos for 8 pax, that's 287.50 per head. Totally not bad!

high jump for joy ba yan cooky? ;)

gated entrance of Nature Discovery Camp

 A reservation is a must before heading there. Walk-ins are not allowed. Check photo below for the rates.

happy couples! :))

Our day was not finished yet as we're heading to Tanuan, Batangas to attend the town fiesta of a good friend. "kainan nanaman!"  and the long winding road going there offered an awesome view of the Taal volcano and lake.


For reservations and information:

Telephones Cellular Phones
(02) 584-2343
(02) 584-2323
0918-411-6510     0922-867-4168
0918-426-7075     0922-867-4167

website :


  1. Great post...thank you..wre planning to distress this weekend and this is a good idea...thank you for the contact number:)

  2. Following you now hope you follow back:)

  3. thanks sunny toast, glad to be of help :D will follow u back

  4. i didnt know there are tents for sale at divisoria. san yan? pa-share naman.

    nice place for a camping site! cool weather and great view to wake up to.

  5. happysole, yeah there are, mine i bought sa prime block, sa may ground floor sya, dun sa bilihan ng mga payong, kahanay ng metrobank .... i also saw some sa may 168, ikot ikot ka lang sa may bandang likod, mas mura pa, i might buy one more from there!

  6. Hi Shie! Planning to go camping at Nature Discovery this weekend for my sons bday. May I use your photo of the rates? To share with my siblings? Your post is helpful. I texted the numbers posted but no reply yet. Thanks!

    1. Sure Jonalyn, you can grab that photo. But I hope you can call them so you can check the updated rates and also to make reservations.

  7. Hi. May available tent for rent po ba? Thabks

    1. As far as I know then, wala. But I suggest you call them to ask.

  8. tanong ko lang po kung pwede mag bonfire sa Nature Discovery Camp

  9. hi, do you think the place is okay for team building?Thanks!


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