Apr 30, 2011

Romantic Zambales Getaway Day 2 : ANAWANGIN / CAPONES Island

God blessed us with a beautiful morning when we woke up, a spectral of colors appeared from the sky. It was a lovely day like no other day.

This was our last day at Nagsasa and in a while we'll be leaving for Anawangin and Capones Island. I will definitely miss this place.

Nagsasa boys
halo halo
By 10am, everyone got ready to leave. Our things were already packed and just waiting for Kuya Henry and company to fetch us and while waiting tried the halo halo being offered by ate. Not bad!  Snap one shot before heading out!  I hope visitors will not take Nagsasa for granted like what they're doing with Anawangin and treasure the place like a gift from above. Here leaving you an Irish blessing until we meet again.

A sunbeam to warm you,
A moonbeam to charm you,
A sheltering angel, so nothing can harm you.
-- Irish Blessing


Our options were open to stay here for our 2nd night, but upon seeing how crowded the place during that Saturday morning, we scraped the plan right away.  The crowd is too much to bear, I can see litters on every corner. The place is truly a sight to behold but seeing how crowded the place had become can be very stressful. It was really a far cry from the earlier photos I've seen of this place. The serenity, peace and quiet I was hoping for is nowhere in sight. I hope before its really too late, the people in charge of this place implement stricter measures to prevent vacationers from totally ruining the place.

a lake inside

I don't know what they were thinking when they put up this fence at the front shore. It certainly is an eye sore. We  didn't explore the place that much, just spent a few minutes checking out the place and taking some snap shots.


We headed to Capones Island afterwards. The waves can get scary going there but thank God they were manageable, although there's that fear inside coz we're not wearing a life vest going there, our boatman forgot to take it from his other boat when they fetch us. But still we're lucky enough, not everyone can get here on their first visit.

The shore is rocky but the crystal blue water is so inviting.  We spent sometime swimming before going up to the lighthouse. We decided to go up when it started to drizzle. The other couple stayed behind and continue  swimming while we hike for a few minutes to get a nice view from up there.

Some rocky portion and then a trail to where the lighthouse can be found.

We didn't enter the lighthouse anymore and after some photo ops decided to go down and just waited for the other two who decided to go up to the top of the lighthouse.

now we're going down ........

.... and going back to Pundaquit to stay for another night there before heading home. Most resorts were fully booked but we managed to still get a room for 6 at Jimz Beach Resort.

We were all famished by that time, so upon checking in, had a heavy lunch at Nora's Beach Resort ordering crispy pata, chicken, lumpiang shanghai, etc, etc ..... "gutom na gutom" =)

Everyone showered then took a nap and woke up at dinner time. "Sarap ng buhay!"

Jimz Beach Resort - Room G (good for 6 pax)

We just ordered our food and drinks from Jimz Beach Resort and have it delivered to our cottage. Our room has a small kitchen and a grilling station where we can do our own cooking in case we brought our own food but since we didn't, the menu at Jimz is pretty fine.

Everyone had a good sleep that night. No one snored like cow, hahaha, right Cooky?! =) Seems like everyone is happy !!! =)

Contact Infos :

Kuya Henry (our boatman) - 09266726070
Jimz Beach Resort - Toots - 09277770220


  1. same sentiments, my feet are itching to leave Anawangin wight away. parang MoA lang, daming tao! hehe
    kaya I love nagsasa and capones. Ü

  2. you should see Nagsasa too! just 30 minutes farther... it's definitely better than Anawangin... =D

  3. @chyng ur right parang MOA lang, hehe ... i should have visited the place 3 yrs ago when it was still in its purest form

    @pinoy adventurista, yeah have seen Nagsasa, we spent our first night there, love the place!

  4. Hahaha! Natawa ako ke Chyng, parang MOA nba tlga ang Anawangin?

    Sayang polluted na and everything d ko pren nppuntahan.


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