Sep 5, 2010

BOHOL Countryside Tour .... PART 2

Pardon the long pause, took me 3 weeks to continue, I guess this lazy bone syndrome got the best of me again .... and so to continue on, while my memory still serves me right, we passed by this 2km stretch of densely planted mahogany trees in Bilar on our way to Chocolate Hills.


This Manmade forest reminds me of some scenes from the vampire movie "Twilight". Its not eerie (maybe at night when you are all alone) but you will definitely feel some slight shiver because of the colder temperature brought by the tall mahogany trees that shaded the entire area. Its a beautiful sight that ought to be captured in photos. We alighted from our car and took photos while posing in the middle of the road but exercising a lot of caution since this is a regular road where vehicles always passed by.


Next stop is the most awaited, the site that put Bohol as a major tourist destination, the world renowned Chocolate Hills. Consisting of 1,776 hay cock hills (as per updated records) spread over an area of 50 sq km, they will dry up during summers and will look like chocolate kisses, hence the name.


Two of the highest hills have been developed to provide facilities such as the view deck, hostels and restaurants and some souvenir shops.


Also located in Bilar town, it was my first time to visit a butterfly sanctuary and enjoyed the experience a lot. These center is dedicated in raising the butterfly population in Bohol and providing livelihood to locals thru the use of butterflies and butterfly by products.
Simply Butterfly Conservation Center

We were given a tour around the center by the able tour guide while giving us educational insights and debunking some myths associated with butterflies. It was enlightening and a worthwhile experience.


It's a small single chamber limestone cave that has a clear water pond inside. You can swim there if you want but I cant guarantee that its clean. The entrance to the cave is very narrow and can only fit one person at a time, and as always everytime you enter a limestone cave, be careful coz its slippery. If you've been to bigger and amazing caves like Sumaguing in Sagada, I bet this cave will not interest you but if its your first time to enter a cave then by all means please do so, it'll be worth your time.


This place was our last stop and timed exactly for dinner. Although I would have preferred if we arrived earlier when the sun was still up and we could have toured the entire place and have a look at their bee farm. The place is really lovely offering a very homey and countryside atmosphere while serving yummy and healthy food, that is just perfect for my taste.  The next time I'm going to visit Bohol, I'm gonna stay at this place.

And what more, this is not just a resort but an organic farm that has become the source of livelihood for a lot of  locals. Selling their own produce, you would love it when you visit their store, they have baked products, yummy spreads, sweets, their trademark honey, soaps, lotions and a lot more other items and you can have a free taste of anything edible that will definitely make you full.  I just love it here.

From 8am to 8pm, tiring but enjoyable, that's how our countryside tour of Bohol went. Thanks Tatsky for the enjoyable tour around Bohol,  now I know the reason why you are the most sought after tour guide in Bohol :D

With a little more of our energy left, we spent some more time swimming at Dumaluan pool until it closed at 10pm. That's just making the most of our time before calling it a day. Tomorrow is gonna be departure day...... till next....


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