Aug 23, 2010

BOHOL Countryside Tour .... Day 2 (Part1)

I  let Tatsky, our tour guide, plan our itinerary for our countryside tour this day. He picked us up 8am as planned, boarded his very comfy, spacious Hyundai Van and off we went to see BOHOL in a very relaxed mode.

Our first stop, BLOOD COMPACT SITE.

This monument commemorates the very first international treaty of friendship between two people of different race. Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Legaspi and Datu Sikatuna of Bohol sealed their friendship thru a blood compact or "Sandugo" as Boholanos termed it.

This significant piece of history is located in Bgy Bool, Tagbilaran City but according to our guide,  new found document and further research by the Spaniards showed that the actual site is not really here but in Loay, Bohol. We passed by that site as well and a marker was in place to put significance to that memorable spot.


A historical landmark and one of the oldest stone built churches in the Philippines, one needs to be properly dressed to enter the church and so we settled to just take shots outside although you can rent or borrow some skirts if you really want to get inside. There's also a museum located beside but since camera and picture taking is not allowed , we decided to just let it pass.

Look closely at the photos and you'll see a very strange and familiar image on the stone wall of the church, it looks like an apparition of Padre Pio. Real or just man-made, you be the judge!


Prony, the largest captive python in the Philippines together with Marimar, the drag queen who entertains tourists with his funny act makes an interesting tandem that surely made our trip a worthy visit.


To see the tarsiers in their natural habitat, go to Corella where they are being taken cared of legally. This very cute and known to be the smallest primates is one of Bohol's best trademarks.

If only I can bring one home, I'd love to take care of them but Tarsiers are known to be suicidal when held in captivity especially when they don't feel happy and engaged. That's why it's better to leave them in their natural habitat and let their numbers grow.


It's a must try when you visit Bohol. An hour long cruise aboard a floating raft powered by a motorized banca with a lunch buffet of famous Boholano inspired dishes while being entertained by their singer and musician's performances is truly an enjoyable moment for us. Pick Riverwatch, they are the best among the rest, that's according to our guide. A fee of  350 pesos per head is all you need to shell out to experience this treat.
While cruising, you will pass by a stationary floating raft where your boat will dock for a moment to watch the performances of the colorfully dressed locals doing traditional dances.

 There's also a Hanging Bridge along Loboc River that has become a popular tourist spot as well.  It actually crosses the Loboc River but to get there you need to transfer to another location and then do the walk along the shaky but sturdy hanging bamboo bridge. At the end of the bridge there are souvenir shops selling the cheapest keychains, (that's what  I heard) and a buko station where you can have a refreshing healthy drink at a minimal cost. Its FUN!!!

Hanging Bridge
That's how our first half of the day went, the sun is at its highest at this point so we decided to take our time well, rest for a while before going to our next stop and climb the viewpoint site to see the famous Chocolate Hills.

To be continued ....  :-)

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