May 25, 2010

Special Treat from FIGARO

I've been a fan of Figaro's coffee and pasta dishes eversince and in my opinion the coffee house that serves the best coffee in town that is 100% locally grown, way better than Starbucks! You would normally hear me order my staple favorite Iced coffee and Pasta ala Carlo, that combination really tasted good!

Anyway, the special treat from Figaro that I'm talking about came in a form of  SmartConcept Card that I bought for only PhP399. It's actually a discount card that has almost 600 pesos worth of freebies and a lot of buy one take one offer good for dine in and take out orders. The card is valid until Dec 31, 2010 but I dont think my card would reach that far considering, I frequent the place very often :-)

I treated my sisters and used this card last Sunday lunch and what would normally cost me 700 pesos Figaro only billed me 229 pesos. Isn't that a treat? ^_^

Their Iced Tea is also the best! The SmartConcept Card has 2 free ice tea. I now consumed one.

This is one of their new ala carte meals, Dory Provencal worth 199 pesos that comes with an ice tea or coffee. You can choose the kind of pasta sauce you want, this one is Pesto. The pan fried cream dory fillet infused with provencal sauce is really tasty.

Another ala carte meal is this Chicken ala Kiev for 229 pesos. The classic chorizo pasta sauce is a revelation, first time to try and I like it a lot as well as the stuffed chicken, really yummy! This offer is under the Buy one Ala Carte meal with drink and Take one Ala Carte Meal with drink and just pay the one in higher value.

Those who want to avail of the card can call Smart Concept at this customer hotline (02) 470-1554/1556

Figaro is one of my happy place. I normally go there by myself to read, relax and have a good meal.


  1. That sounds like a very good deal, and the food looks yummy, too!

  2. It is Manila Girl! grab the card and your in for a very good treat :D


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