May 26, 2010

FRO-YO Craze in Town

Are you in or are you out? For figure conscious and health conscious peeps, this is your best dessert this summer! It's like eating ice cream without the guilty feeling and with so many health benefits.

Well, I havent tried most of the popular frozen yoghurt in the market. The one's I've tried are from RED MANGO, White Hat and those from STOCK MARKET. There are other names like Golden Spoon, Gurtz, I Like Berry, California Berry, etc. I promise to try them one of these days and then give my verdict.

For now among those I've tried, RED Mango and White Hat got my taste buds highest approval. The tanginess and the sweetness are in perfect blend and any choice of toppings are just secondary. I know I love it when after finishing each servings, I crave for more :-)  It's just too bad I don't have my cam that time to share some yummy shots.

Last Sunday, I had the chance to check Stock Market at Bonifacio High Street and try their froyos with my sisses. (Mia, we can still do our froyo hunting anytime with our other friends :-P)

We ordered among the frozen yoghurt combination, The Anti Oxidant, The Bomb and The Brunch Combo. Interesting names, huh! ^_^

Called the Anti Oxidant, it has kiwi, blueberries and strawberry toppings for 180 pesos per serving.

This one is named Brunch Combo with Granolas, Strawberry and Mango toppings for 180 pesos as well.

The BOMB is how they call this, with Bananas, Walnuts, Biscotti and Caramel Syrup toppings that costs 200 pesos.

Among the three combos, my favorite is The Bomb. I believe the caramel syrup and bananas helped in neutralizing the sour taste of the froyo and the crunchiness of the walnuts and biscotti added more texture.

I'm still on the hunt for the best tasting froyo in the market which comes to mind the freshest yoghurt I've ever tasted in the country that can only be found by traveling 12 hours to reach the mountains of SAGADA. It's not frozen, but who needs to freeze them when you can have them naturally fresh while eating them in the cool climate of Sagada. I sure miss this place :-)

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