Nov 30, 2009

Kayangan Lake, Coron

After that interesting and treacherous climb going to Barracuda Lake, our next stop is Kayangan Lake. The lake was named as the cleanest lake in Asia and some even refer to it as Blue Lagoon. An entrance fee of PhP 200.00 is required. But before reaching the lake, Kayangan Bay welcomes its visitors with this picturesque view below.

Below is a must see site and most prominent landmark of Coron, Palawan, widely popular on post cards and tourism banners.

But to get that shot above, one needs to hike for 10 minutes along an easier trail but caution should always be observed as the steps can also get slippery especially when wet. One of our older companions did slip but fortunately she was wearing her life vest that served as protection when she slid down a few steps and didn't let loose of her grip on one of the handles, just some bruises and a scratch on her leg for an unlikely remembrance.

A small cave is also located on this portion which we choose not to explore anymore. After some photo ops, a few steps downhill is required to get to that famous lake, also enclosed within towering lime stone cliffs.

Bamboo platforms lie on the edges of the lake for visitor's convenience.

And finally, a chance to swim on the cleanest lake in Asia where the bottom of the lake is so clear even at 15 feet deep.

As much as we want to stay for long and enjoy this relaxing activity, we need to move ahead to our next 2 more destinations before the sun sets on us.

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