Nov 30, 2009

Barracuda Lake, Coron

I find Barracuda Lake as the most interesting among the lakes I've visited in the Calamianes group of Islands. This lake was dubbed as such because of a story that huge Barracudas used to inhabit this freshwater lake. I'm not sure now but our boatman intimated that there are small ones you can see when you go diving.

Getting to this lake is the most difficult and quite tricky as the only access to this place requires hiking for a few minutes along a tricky limestone trail with all your gears if you must, especially if you will go diving. It made me nervous for a while knowing how "lampa" I can be as slipping on this part can be dangerous. The trick is choosing your steps carefully and slowly, making sure your feet is securely planted on each stones before moving to another.There's a portion where the gap is almost a meter and reaching for your next step requires extra caution. There are wooden handles on both sides to help you get your grip and some portion with wooden ladders. Wearing a trekking sandals is a must as the limestones are quite sharp. Entrance to this lake is PhP 100.00 only.

And upon reaching this spot, a big sigh of relief is all I can think of. Finally, a lake is in view within this small entrance and enclosed between towering limestones. What a wonder!

The water is very calm and you can feel that some parts of the water are warm while some are cold. I think this is what divers refer to as thermocline.

I almost lost my snorkel, its good to have a guide who searched for it and dive 15 feet below.

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