Nov 5, 2013

BLOG GIVEAWAY : 3 Winners to WIN 5 Pairs of ALTA Flipflops

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

ALTA Flipflops and Shie Went to Town teamed up to bring you the coolest chance to own 5 pairs of Alta flipflops. 3 Winners will be selected to each take home 5 pairs of Alta flipflops.

Alta is a newly established Filipino brand committed to offer high quality and fashionable flipflops at very friendly prices. The owners long experience in the footwear industry is an assurance of their commitment to constantly update and improve their know-how in technology and designs so as to make ALTA locally and globally competitive. A greater part of their vision and mission is to help uplift the lives of less privileged individuals as a result of every sale of ALTA products.

ALTA flipflops are available at selected leading department stores nationwide.

ALTA Flipflops

How To Join :

1.) Like ALTA on FACEBOOK and follow them on TWITTER.

2.) Like Shie Went To Town on FACEBOOK and follow her on TWITTER.

3.) Visit the web page of ALTA at and browse through the products page.

4.) Comment on this post with your Full name, Facebook and Twitter handle and the 3 styles of ALTA flipflops you would like to receive (the product list can be found either on the ALTA website or its FB Page). You can specify your slipper size too.

The 3 Winners will be picked via and will be announced on Dec 1, 2013 here on the comments portion and on Shie Went To Town's FB Page. This giveaway is open to everyone with a Philippine postal address.

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  1. This is my first time to know about this brand of Flipflop or I have not been giving attention to ads these days. This must be a top product of ALTA.

  2. Alta should be promoted further as it's a locally produced brand.

  3. This is my first time to see this Fliptop brand and i was amazed that this is locally produced brand. Awesome!!!

  4. my top three styles are:
    BROMO yellow
    SINAI red
    CARUTTHERS maroon
    size 7 :)

    Caroleen Joy Ileto

    there you go!:) nice slippers!

  5. Maria Christina Gumatay
    SIZE 5

  6. Patricia Denise Orquia

    Size 8
    Monte Negro - Grey
    Carruthers - Maroon
    Alpamayo - Purple

  7. Carl: Amazing brand. Let us support local products!

    Full name: Carlo Valenzona, Facebook: and Twitter handle @carlvalenzona

    Size 9
    Monte Negro - Red
    Carruthers - Yellow
    Alpamayo - Green

  8. Wooow this one's amazing! I love the print on the flipflops! ♥♥♥

  9. Whoa! It's a locally produced brand. I love to wear flipflops. Will recommended ALTA to my friends.

  10. Alta flipflops looks gorgeous in their designs. Best of luck to the participants :D

  11. Aireen C. Dela Rosa

    Artisana - Pink - Size 6
    Fuji - Brown - Size 6
    Logan - Black - Size 11

    Hoping to win! Love the designs!

  12. Ana Miren Celones

    size 6

    alpamayo- black
    ventoux- pink
    coatapec- purple

    hope to win! #fingerscrossed :)

  13. Katrina Danganan
    FB: April Katrina
    Twitter: @yuhum_yuhum

    Aguila - Pink - Size 7
    Sinai - Black - Size 7
    Elba - Brown - Size 7

    Ganda ng Elba!

  14. Riyalyn Gatdula
    Tajamulco- Brown
    Colima- Purple
    Size: 7

    Awesome designs Indeed! :)))

  15. Marnellie Guinoo
    FB: Aleth Guinoo
    Twitter: alethguinoo

    Alpamayo - Black - Size 8
    Colima - Purple - Size 8
    Tajamulco - Brown - Size 8

  16. Jennifer Martinez
    FB: jrantaelmartinez
    Twitter: jenniferdalrich

    Carruthers - maroon/ grey
    Fuji - brown
    Catherine - beige

    I'm size 7.5 but I think size 8 will do. Hihi...

    Hope to win! Yiheee... ^_^

  17. Full name; Christine Mangubat
    fb; jocrismangubat
    twitter: jocris15

    My top 3 styles are

    Alta ladies;
    SINAI/Red- size 5

    Alta Men
    Mont Blanc - Black size 9

    Alta Ladies
    FUJI-Black size 5

    There you go hope to win ^_^

  18. I haven't heard of this flip flop brand until I saw your post. I'll be looking for this brand when I hit the mall and buy me a pair or two. I like that it is locally made.

  19. caryn morales
    fb: nyrac selarom
    twitter: @yenmorales

    LOGAN - size 8
    ANTISANA - size 6
    CARRUTHERS - size 6

  20. Jose Lorenzo Manongsong
    FB: Jelo Manongsong
    Twitter: @patrickstar88

    DE MARCO (blue/green) size 9
    CHARLESTON (green) size 7
    RAINIER (white) size 9

  21. Gladita ManongsongNovember 7, 2013 at 4:52 PM

    Gladita Manongsong
    FB: Gladita Pacoma Manongsong
    Twitter: @gladdy_54

    ASAMA (purple/beige) size 6
    VENTOUX (blue) size 6
    GINGERA (blue) size 6

  22. camille quiambao
    twitter: @cgquiambao
    facebook: camille quiambao
    ELBA blue
    ANTISANA pink

    size 6.5

  23. Full name: Rhozallino Ramones
    Facebook: Jay Ramones
    Twitter handle: @jayramones

    The 3 styles of ALTA flipflops i like to receive is:
    Stadelhorn - Size 9
    PALOMO - Size 6
    Charleston - Size 9

  24. Name: Karen Atienza
    FB: Karen Atienza
    Twitter: @atikaza

    The 3 styles of ALTA fliptops I like to receive is
    * Colima (pink)
    * Monte Negro
    * Palomo
    Size: 6

  25. Thanks for this giveaway :)

    Nerissa Marin

    twitter: @sUkiyak1

    Palomo - 7
    monte negro-6
    stadelhorn- 8

  26. Name: Marie Cajudo
    Twitter: @sweetspring07

    The 3 styles of ALTA flipflops I would like to receive:

    1) Monte Negro
    2) Townsend
    3) Monte Rosa

    Size: 5

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway! Can't wait to wear your flip flops! :D <3 <3

  27. Name: Kristine Barnedo

    The 3 styles of ALTA flipflops I would like to receive:
    1.Kinabalu (Purple)
    2.Antisana (Black)
    3.Monte Negro (Brown)

    Size 6

  28. Name: Lyka Alodee Medina
    Twitter: @LykerzMinoz42

    1. Sinai - size 7
    2. Elba - size 8
    3. Kilimanjaro - size 10

    Thank you! Hoping to win!

  29. Name is Ma. Theresa Enriquez
    Twitter: @mtgambrocio

    I like Monte Negro (Black), Ossa (Beige), and Catherine (Red).

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  30. Full name
    Twitter handle
    I want to receive:
    -Montenegro Basic Wedge color gray
    -Fuji SN: AL1800001 in brown
    -Bromo color yellow :D

    all size 7

  31. Eric Brando A. Gannaban
    * Charleston(Blue)
    *DE MARCO(Blue and Red color combination)
    Size 8 1/2

  32. Maria Corazon LetadaNovember 14, 2013 at 12:01 AM

    Full name && Facebook: Maria Corazon Letada
    Twitter handle: @coraletada
    * KOHALA (Blue/Pink)
    * BROMO (Yellow)
    * VENTOUX (Pink)
    Size: 9

  33. Charity Carlos
    Bolivar black
    Sinai black
    Fuji brown
    size 9

  34. Sharene Aylee V. Boongaling

    >> Kinabalu (purple)
    >> Aguila (pink)
    >> Alpamayo (black)
    size 7.

    Those are pretty flipflops! Hope I win! yay thank you Alta :)


    Carla david

  36. Ma. Jocelyn Toledo

    Size 9
    Colima - Purple
    Palomo - Black
    Alpamayo - Black

  37. Theresa Cruz-Escaros
    FB: Theresa Cruz-Escaros
    Tw: @TereCruzEscaros

    size 7
    Asama purple
    Catherine blue or red (can't decide, haha!)
    Ventoux blue
    I love their A-strap, it's so sexy!

  38. Name: Shiela N. Boado
    Twitter: @shlmarie

    1. Alpamayo Black
    2. Bandeira Brown
    3. Gingera Blue

    Size: 9

  39. Cherry Ann Punzal
    SIZE 8
    ANTISANA - Pink
    PARANA – Pink/Black
    FUJi - Brown

    1. I'm sorry the giveaway ended last Nov 30 as stated and we all really have drawn the winners. Thanks anyway!


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