Aug 11, 2013

PET SHOP BOYS Electric Tour in Manila

Pet Shop Boys performed in Manila for the first time last Aug 6, 2013 at Smart Araneta Center as part of their Electric World Tour to promote their new albums, Electric and Elysium. The younger generation may not be familiar with these British synthpop duo who rose to fame during the late 80's and 90's era and popularized cheeky and danceable music while gracefully shifting from disco to house to techno with ease thus still proving their relevance to date. Neil Tennant provides the vocals and Chris Lowe on the synthesizer.
Pet Shop Boys in Manila

I was expecting a sold out crowd similar to Tears for Fears but it didn't fill up as expected. We had tickets for the Upperbox A area (thanks Cooks and Ate) and there were many empty seats around. The most filled up spots were the VIPs and Patrons. Nonetheless the audience was treated not only with the sound that used to get us on our feet but also a visual feast of lights, colors and outstanding graphics. The party atmosphere was very evident and everybody was truly having a good time. Those who went to see Pet Shop Boys definitely got their money's worth. 
Pet Shop Boys in Manila

There was no front act. The show started with a huge screen with two dancers performing in front of it while silhouettes of Neil and Chris were morphing into different shapes and colors and moving according to the beat of their songs. There were plenty of out of this world costume changes on every act and the two dancers wore different headdresses, one in particular is that of a bull.
Pet Shop Boys in Manila

There were many unheard of songs taken from their new albums but the beats are familiar and danceable enough to make us jump to our feet and dance just like how the lights moved us.

They did 2 encores, their famous hit "West End Girls" and one of their new song "Vocal"
  The audience was still clamoring for more when the lights went off. It felt short though because we were expecting  to hear some more of their greatest hits like "What Have I Done To Deserve This" and "Heart". We were still having fun and wanted more. But I guess 24 songs are more than enough to call it a night.

Thanks Pet Shop Boys, it was a superb show! You may have aged in appearance but your performances are still spot on and more than up to par!

Spotted! Ms Tessa Prieto
Spotted was Ms Tessa Prieto which from afar I thought was part of some of the acts. But hey, she was just her usual self, quirky and fun!

Check Pet Shop Boys Electric Tour Setlist Below :

Pet Shop Boys Setlist Smart Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City, Philippines 2013, Electric Tour


  1. They were one of my favorite during the 90's wherein their albums and singles are phenomenal, well I guess they have not sustain their popularity to younger generations.

  2. Wow I love Pet Shop Boys! It may seem unusual for a young girl like me, but my tita introduced me their music. =)

  3. Here I go again, not aware of who Pet Shop Boys is. For sure, boy band diba? But I have to read more about them. Lol Baka nung kasikatan nila, I'm still on my tender age. Walang alam talaga.

  4. The lights on stage may have given everyone who watched a little goosebumps too. AMAZING SHOW! :)


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