Jun 2, 2013

LOVE is a 4 Letter Word and so is MRAZ

When I'm feeling a certain way, there are 3 JMs I listen to, one of them is Jason Mraz, my constant travel companion who never fails to put me in a better mood :). The music of Mraz reminds me of beach parties, fun road trips with friends and the 4 letter word LOVE and last May 14, I rekindled those feelings again watching him perform live here in Manila at Smart Araneta Center.

Jason Mraz in Manila
He isn't Mr. Wordplay for nothing

And to give you an idea how the show went, let the lyrics of one of his song describe the event ...

    It's "A-W-E-S-O-M-E" ................ he "fu*kin did it"!!!

The show's front act, the used to be random girl but now a certified recording artist named Zendee was introduced by no other than Jason Mraz himself while wearing his signature fedora hat, t-shirt and jeans. It was a delight to hear her perform. The powerful voice managed to grab my attention as she belted those high notes and then returned to do a duet with Jason Mraz on the popular song "LUCKY".

I love how songwriters play with words and it's not hard to understand why I'm a big fan of Mr. Wordplay. His lyrics promote worry free philosophy and lots of gratitude, and really easy listening tunes that evoked warmth and happy feelings, the kinds we need to hear and ponder to these days. 

There were many highlights of the show and for me those that stood out are the ones where he played one of my personal fave; A Beautiful Mess, the acapela moment he did with the song PLANE, no guitars included, the highly revved up number with one of the member of his band, Mona Tavakoli performing "You Fuckin Did It", the mash up of his song "I'm Yours" with Bob Marley's "Little Birds" and of course the heartfelt song "The Woman I Love" while leaving these words to his audience “We all know how the ladies can go a little bit crazy sometimes. They cry and they whine and they forget how great they are. And the worst thing about having them say nasty things about us, is when they start saying nasty things about themselves.” ..... true, right?

Jason Mraz in Manila
Mraz with his Band
Jason Mraz performed 19 songs and 3 encores to a jam-packed and sold out crowd, all hoping he'd come back for the 5th time soon to once again capture the hearts of Pinoy fans.

grabbed this cover photo from Jason Mraz's FB page, the finale shot, Manila, Araneta Center  ;)

Failed to catch Jason Mraz's concert? Wanna hear his setlist? Its here ;) ...

Jason Mraz Setlist Araneta Coliseum, Manila, Philippines 2013, Tour Is A Four Letter Word

*** photo credits goes to my friend Cooky and of course the free tickets too, thanks mareng ;)


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