May 6, 2013

PH 2013 Election : How and Where to Vote?

Its only a few days left before Philippines 2013 Election and once again even if it pains us to see how the unqualified gets elected for the nth time, still let's exercise our right to vote and be counted this May 13, I always believe hope springs eternal.

To those who are still researching on who to vote for and how to vote should check out this web page at Google Philippines just launched this election portal to assist voters on making wise decisions and provide updates on all matters related to our 2013 Election.
Philippines 2013 Election

There are several tools provided by Google to help voters locate the local candidates running in their area, just key in your city or municipality to find out the details. Precinct finder is also available to access your voting centers and precinct number.

Just several thoughts you might consider while preparing your list of candidates to vote for:
  • Please don't base your vote on a candidate's popularity, always check their credentials and what they've accomplished before they run for a higher position. Remember we are not looking for trainees here but leaders, our elected officials should be well versed and fully equipped in legislation if they are running for a senate or congressional seat otherwise there's barangay election coming soon which suit them more. 
  • Check those candidates who disregard election rules. If they can't follow simple rules, how do you expect them to function on more complex matters.
  •  Also do a research how much fund were poured in on the candidate's campaign and if they went beyond the allowed budget, don't vote for them. More often than not the source of these funds came from donors who expect a triple return of their investment and these candidates for sure will prioritize returning that favor rather than serving the interests of their constituents.
  • Please vote wisely. Let's put a stop to these greedy politicians and wealthy businessmen who think that Filipino voters are too shallow and gullible.
May we all be guided accordingly and come May 13, get ready with our written list and head out early to our precincts with a clear mind and cast our votes for the 2013 Philippines Election.


  1. Thanks! It is really important for us to vote wisely for us to make sure that the qualified candidate will win and not just the corrupt one.

  2. I'll be voting this year and I am excited. My first time to vote.


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