Apr 13, 2013

Boracay Accommodations

There are plenty of accommodations in Boracay to choose from and if you are looking for value for money in a beachfront setting, check my recommendations below.

In the several times I've visited Boracay, I've never used the same accommodations twice because there's always something new to discover in this island paradise. I've tried Eriko's Guesthouse (I just don't like the small unlighted alleyway you have to pass through before getting there), Villa Simprosa Guesthouse (its a compound with several rooms but the area can really get chaotic at times), Mito's Place (they used to be at the beachfront but I think they sold their front area to Starbucks and Gerry's Grill that now occupy their front space) and Alta Vista de Boracay ( a luxury resort I wouldn't mind staying again even if its not located at the White Beach but only if I can avail the 50% discount I got before)

But I think I've found my "HG" when we speak of value for money. I'm rounding up my top 2 choices of  Budget Friendly Accommodations in Boracay that pass my requirement of a beachfront location with a room and a veranda that offers an unobstructed view of the ocean and within walking distance to familiar places of interest.


LA FIESTA Resort Boracay

Topping my list is LA FIESTA RESORT. It's a small resort with a very homey atmosphere. Its location is directly on the White Beach, Station 1 and only a few meters away from D'Mall and some restaurants. Rooms have balconies that are facing the beach, perfect for sunset watching and people watching or just lounging while reading a book or sipping a drink. It's perfectly located close to all amenities.

Standard room rates range from 1,500 pesos to 4,000 pesos depending on the season and the number of guests.  (Just some tip, try to haggle, we were able to get 2 rooms, one on the ground and on the 2nd floor, sleeps 4 pax each for just 2000 pesos per room.)

For reservations :
(036) 288-4234 (landline)
0919-861-0886 (mobile)
Look for Ms. Armie..


Casa Fiesta Boracay

CASA FIESTA RESORT just like LA FIESTA is similarly situated at a beachfront location at White Beach Station 1, offering the same basic amenities, an awesome sea view and same price points. I believe owners of both resorts are relatives. They are actually just a few blocks apart.

It would be perfect if you can book the room with the veranda overlooking the ocean, I think one of it is room 205. But between Casa Fiesta and La Fiesta, although the latter is needing some renovations, I still felt a more relaxed ambiance at La Fiesta. But you definitely won't go wrong with both budget friendly accommodations.

For inquiries and reservations: 
call/txt at (036) 288-3898
0919-246-6522 Look for Josie..


  1. Thanks for the tip! Nice to hear that a little haggling went a long way to giving you discounts :)

    1. yeah, lets always try to charm them with our haggling skills ;)

    2. Hi between erikos and la fiesta...whicho of them has more cozy or nicer room?

    3. rooms are pretty much the same, but I didn't like erikos coz their rooms are not on the beach front and you need to walk like 15 meters before you see the beach shore unlike la fiesta which offers unobstructed view of the beach.

  2. Glad to know there are a lot of options we can choose from when we visit Boracay, this review will sure come in handy whenever I get to that wonderful place.. :D

  3. these accommodations offer good value for money! I'll check these hotels out if ever I visit Boracay in the future.

  4. Thanks for posting this- now I have choices and info pag punta ko sa Bora

  5. Isasama ko sa list ng mga accom nato sa pagpipilian ng barkada. Thanks for sharing.:)

  6. Taking note of these locations on my next visit to Boracay.

  7. this place seems to just going more popular around the world. .Hope they can keep it, clean as it is. .

  8. This post is very informative... Now I've got a list of hotels for our Boracay trip! :)

  9. I heard so many negative impressions about BORACAY now. But I am still planning to visit this place. Hope I can visit one of these days.

  10. We will remember these accommodations the next time we visit Boracay.

  11. will give La Fiesta a visit when we get to Boracay this September.

  12. Yeah, Filipinos are really great in haggling, haslers i might say. I would recommend your experience and Boracay Hotel package for a diverse summer experience.

  13. I should consider visiting La fiesta and 7 Stones Boracay suites hotel once we go to Boracay Island.

  14. Ohhh kasama sa budget-friendly accommodation list ko ang Casa Fiesta recommended by some other bloggers. I'll definitely check out La Fiesta. Need ko ng maghanap ng maganda at affordable for our Boracay trip this year.


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