Feb 21, 2013

Magaluf Clubbing Holidays: Getting Your Shizzle Sorted

Christmas, check. New Year, check. Valentine’s, done your best to check? Whatever your relationship status this Feb, the winter festivities are over, and there’s only one thing left to concentrate on – booking your Magaluf clubbing holidays 2013.

Holidays in Magaluf are unbelievably popular. Every year, thousands of us Brits traipse over to Majorca for of sun, sea and party rocking. It’s the shameless sessions that make holidays in Magaluf untouchable. However you prefer to party, you do it your way, and no one bats an eyelid. After a year of slogging it at college, uni or work – you and your mates deserve your Magaluf clubbing holidays, without a doubt.

When times are tight jetting off abroad can seem like a bit of a pipedream. But, if you believe it, there’s nothing to it… ask R Kelly, preferably before he tries to fly is likely the best time to catch him.

Booking your break online is the best way to save a bob or two. Set up an event on Facey and get your mates involved, tot up the numbers and have a browse. There are tons of deals to be had on the tinernet. Depending on your group size, look at self catering apartments, which may work out a little lighter on the pocket.

Don’t just browse it, book Magaluf clubbing holidays as soon as you spot the deal you’re after. Prices don’t stay the same and the sooner you book, the better chance you have of getting your ideal package. Split the total cost between the number in your party and manage your holiday balance through the clubbing holiday company website. Simples.

Other than that, check your documents out (if Mummy hasn’t done it for you). You’ll need single trip European insurance and at least six months validity on your passport from your return date to the UK.

Don’t flap, just fly. #Magaluf2013

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