Nov 18, 2012

Hydrotherapy at Ace Water Spa, Banawe, Q.C.

Ace Water Spa is where I usually run to whenever I feel the need to loosen those tense muscles on my back and shoulder blades and at the same time feel rejuvenated by dipping in their hot herbal pools of mint, jasmine and lavender aromas. They have sauna and steam and a lap pool too wherein you can enjoy a really good swim.
ace water spa
Lobby / Ace Coffee Shop
Occasionally, they'll hold 50% off promos through groupon deals offer and that's what I usually watch out for. You can buy as many as you want but always take note of the expiration date as you might purchase more than you can actually use.
Ace Water Spa

The proper swimming attire is a must, no cotton allowed and it must be fitted. Bring your own towel, they'll charge you 150 pesos for a rental.

Ace Water Spa Locker and Changing RoomAce Water Spa Swimming Attire
Ace Water Spa
Ace Coffee Lounge
Changing Room with Facilities
The pool massages vary from soft to hard. My faves are those from moderate to hard massages. I love most the rainfall acupuncture, I've spent so much time here repeating the procedure again and again but always taking note of people waiting in line. I also love the buoyancy and bubble jet massage, as you can just lie there and feel relaxed while floating thru the highly pressurized bubbles. To treat those aching muscles on my back and shoulder, I utilized the head and shoulder massage and the high pressure massage. I also spent a lot of time on the waist massage, because it feels like I'm working out my waistline and the jet chair with foot massage feels good too. After spending 2 hours in the pool area, I will head now to the hot herbal pools with varying temperatures for a relaxing aromatic experience that also help in making my skin feels supple and my muscles relaxed. The mint pool in 36 deg, the jasmine pool in 38 deg and the lavender pool in 40 deg, after dipping in each hot pool, I alternate with a 5 seconds dip in the cold pool, they call these contrast therapy plunge and used mostly in athletics to treat muscle soreness. It took me time to consider dipping into the cold pool after checking its temperature and how chilling it felt but I did go for it after knowing the benefits it'll do to my body. You'll get used to it and would feel rejuvenated afterwards. 

This is how I usually treat my body after accumulating so much stress. 4 hours are so much time to enjoy this whole spa experience for just 550 pesos, and if your paying attention to group deals you can have this for just half the price. And what I like most about this place, they've maintained their facilities in good condition and the cleanliness is just like the way it was the first time I set foot here 7 years ago.

They now have a bigger branch with hotel called Ace Suites in Pasig. So if you're nearer that area, go check it out.

399 Del Monte Avenue (near corner Banaue street) SFDM, Quezon City
Tel. No.: 3678041, 3678062, 4150164, Fax. No.: 4152477
Email Address:


  1. Reading your post makes me imagine already how good it is to spend some time to de-stress here :) Thanks for sharing this. Hope to drop by this place some time.


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