Nov 2, 2012

BIGBANG Live in Manila

If you are a K-Pop fan, you definitely know why the Korean boy band, BIGBANG is such a big hit. A friend of mine has an extra ticket to BIGBANG's Alive Galaxy Tour here in Manila, and prodded me to join them. I was quite hesitant at first, basically because I don't know any of their songs and I'd feel totally out of place in a crowd of very young and very ardent fans. On second thought, I decided this is a chance for me to figure out what really makes BIGBANG tick and why despite the hefty prices of their concert tickets, they got sold out early on  most of the time.

BIGBANG Galaxy Tour

True to form, just getting through the entrance of Mall of Asia Arena, I already got a taste of how crazy K-pop fans can get, I hear screams everywhere as we are all trying to get through the entrance of the concert venue and afterwards saw a throng of fans scramble and run when they heard that the concert already started.

The arena was jampacked to the hilt, everyone holding and wearing their lighted accessories. It was like staring at a galaxy of stars, truly mesmerizing. The audience was very much involved all throughout and can sing like they knew how to speak Korean.
K-pop fan
one of the fully accessorized fan
BIGBANG members are G-Dragon, TOP, Seungri, Daesung and Taeyang. TOP was the most applauded member and the only one I recognized. I saw him in the Korean series, IRIS, playing a villain role and really did a good job.

I did have a good time inspite of being clueless about their music. BIGBANG can really move a crowd with their performances and the beat of their music can really bring you to your feet plus the elaborate production set ups and props that were really eye catching and heart pumping.

The concert lasted almost three hours with four more encore performances to the delight of their fans. Well, I think their fans got their time and money's worth ;-).


  1. Haha, nice! The view from your seats are awesome. Next time I'd really kill for VIP seats, lol. :)

  2. I was in the same area during the concert because of fashion week. I saw all those people emerging from MOA Arena with their lighted horns!!! Im sure the concert was a success because everyone seemed on a high even after the concert. I remember that night well because I had such a hard time getting a cab!

  3. @Czjai im sure you will :)
    @Mich, so true, took us some time to get out of the area.

  4. Ano pong seat kayo nuon? :)


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