Oct 16, 2012

Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo

It's actually just very near my place, pretty near but it took me a while before checking it out. It's in Binondo, a few blocks away from the most frequented bargain haven, 168 mall.  Normally, I dont go past 168 for my bargain hunts but today I decided to check Lucky Chinatown Mall first before doing my usual bargain hunting round at 168.

Well it's certainly a breath of fresh air having a luxury mall  in this area. I'm not sure though if it's a good idea to put up a high end mall in the midst of a bargain district but its definitely a welcome and refreshing sight and the convenience it brings if I need to look for something original and branded, or eat in a fine dining resto or watch a movie or go to a salon, this is my best option than go to upscale malls in Makati where I need to spend more on transpo and consume more time braving heavy traffic. Think of Store Specialists and Suyen Corp as tenants and you'll get the idea of the upscale brands that they carry. I probably wont see Forever 21 but there's Cotton On :).

Another come on is their 100 peso charge for watching a movie. I'm not sure if its only for now but I'll definitely take advantage of this offer while it lasts. I do hope they can maintain the cleanliness and freshness of the four cinemas.

Big Daddy's Chicken
Their food court is not as big as I expected although there are many fine dining restaurants inside but sometimes you just need some quick bites and a lot of choices. I was looking for something to try and my smell brought me to this kiosk, I felt transported to Taiwan, yeah I miss Taipei and their street food. Well, I should have just picked "Just the Chop" for a quick bite but instead decided to sit down so I took this one Chicken Chop + Japanese Curry + Rice which didn't quite sit well with my taste buds and I think 145 pesos is a bit overpriced. It filled me but I wasn't happy as it didn't meet the taste I was craving for.

chicken chop + Japanese curry + rice

You might want to check Lucky Chinatown Mall  if you go bargain hunting in Divisoria, but don't go on a weekend if possible, holiday season buying just started there and its getting crowded now but you'll be surprised to see that the famous bargain district is starting to get a facelift and new establishments are sprouting from left to right and I bet you'll like it.


  1. I bet this mall sticks out like a sore thumb amidst all the bargain shops, haha but wow! This is news to me!!! I haven't been to the area for months! I should drop by the place then :D

  2. Something like Lucky Chinatown is indeed refreshing. It's likewise nice that despite its upscale state, it still offers movies for P100! That's cheaper than SM. :)

  3. How's the parking? Believe it or not, I've never been to Divisoria. This Lucky Chinatown Mall seems tempting. I'd probably eat at one of their fine dining restos.

  4. thank you for sharing! my siblings frequent Divisoria and will tell them about this eatery. too bad I am out of the country or would love to try this too!

  5. I have been to 168 and Tutuban mall but not in this new chinatown mall. The mall looks fine and it seems it offers good food and ambiance.


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