Jul 5, 2012

Hong Kong Disneyland with my Folks

"All you need is a little Faith, Trust and some Pixie dust" - Peter Pan

It was planned months ahead,  a family trip to bring my parents to this magical place that every kids and kids at heart dreamed about, Disneyland! It almost didn't push through when Mom got hospitalized and underwent an expensive procedure just a month away from our scheduled trip, draining our funds, weakening her immune system and making her a bit immobile. The original plan was to cancel it and with only a week left before the booked trip, we decided to make a go with the plan when her doctor allowed her to travel following a set of restrictions and precautions to take note of.  My siblings and I agreed, its now or never, our parents are not getting any younger and stronger.

Taxis and buses alight from here

The magical atmosphere inside HK Disney

And I must say, Hongkong Disneyland is not just for kids, it's also a perfect place to bring your old folks. General admission ticket is at HK$399 per pax compared to that of a Senior Citizen, which is only HK$100. And they have more advantage when wheel chair bound, of course there's a minimal fee involved or you can bring your own but who wants to be in a wheel chair really? But the benefits include getting your group the first priority in  all the queues you lined up with even if you were the last ones to arrive and being accorded more courtesy. You'll probably get that look from the others already waiting for long, but who cares ;) We also availed of the packaged entrance tickets with meals included, and doing a quick math, we were able to save more than buy the meals separately.
Senior Citizen Friendly HK Disney
From Royal View Hotel, where we stayed, we took a red taxi to HK Disney and traveled for like 15 minutes or less and fare is not more than HK$100, which is fair enough for the five of us. I really enjoyed the view while traversing the roads leading to Disney, it was very convenient and entirely a different experience from the last time I've visited this place when we utilized the MTR and rode that Disneyland Resort Line coach, I enjoyed that too but this one is not an option available for mom.

On board the red taxi

Nothing much has changed since my last visit in the year 2007. The only addition is the Toy Story Land which was fully packed that time. We lined up even if the queue was long at the parachute drop ride, it was short but fun and would have tried again if not for the long line.
Toy Story Land

February for me is the best time to go to HK Disney and we always schedule our trip during these times when the weather is really cold  and not raining and you can roam the grounds for long without getting sweaty and extra tired, just wear your most comfy shoes.

At 3pm, we settled near the center garden and waited for the Disney parade to begin. It was lovely seeing again those characters you grew up adoring.

Although there are many activities to do here for the rest of the day, you still need stamina to check out all of those. I wish there was an area where our seniors could lie down and take a nap for an hour or so, that would have made them more happy and perfect for our old folks.

And while waiting for that perfect moment to capped our Disney experience which is the most awaited "fireworks" that happens at the strike of 8 o'clock pm, we visited the bakeshop and munch on those good looking baked goodies, had dinner afterwards and then check the souvenir shop for some "pasalubongs".

yum ....
The fireworks started at exactly 8pm and we positioned ourselves nearest the area where we can exit the fastest. It was really getting very chilly that night and my folks already look tired and cold. But they really had a grand time, a first for mom and  although my father is well traveled especially during his heydays when he was still in the navy service, I can really sense his excitement all throughout this trip.

It was fun and enjoyable with no major kinks along the way. Thank you Lord for making this family trip a success.

"When life gets confusing, there's a certain place I know, 
filled with wishes and my favorite things" - Ariel


  1. Wow, Glad that your mom is well and be able to travel with your whole family. Our parents need to enjoy the things while they can.

  2. It's so sweet of you to bring your folks to Disneyland.. :) Anyway, I'm glad Dinseyland's really thoughtful to senior citizens and your parents enjoyed the trip.. ^^


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