Apr 23, 2011


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Arrived Laoag around 10am, hailed a tricycle to catch a bus to Pagudpud. There are mini buses that are non aircon but we prefer the one with aircon, so our trike driver brought us to GM Bus Terminal and lucky enough was able to catch one that is about to leave bound for Cagayan, it will pass by Saud part of Pagudpud.

Our tour guide, Kuya Lenzer already texted me to confirm my arrival. We were supposed to start the tour by 10am but of course we arrived late so we need to adjust our itinerary.  We were picked up by Ate Cathy from our drop off point in Pagudpud and as soon as we're settled, asked Kuya Lenzer to pick us up and readjust our itinerary having to start past 12pm.

That's Kuya Lenzer and his trike service

The tour cost is 1K covering the north and south area. For bigger number of people, he's got a van to bring you places. I highly recommend Kuya Lenzer for your tour needs, he's a very nice guy and a very reliable tour guide.

It'll be a long and challenging day on board this trike cruising along the main high way where buses ply. I uttered a prayer before we start, that's the magic word to keep us safe.


Patapat Viaduct is a 1.2 km long winding road connecting Ilocos Norte and the province of Cagayan. This viaduct was constructed to prevent the danger of landslides and at the same time offer a spectacular view of Pasaleng Bay.

Patapat Viaduct


Going there can be a bit challenging, especially if the waves are strong. You'll be stepping on slippery rocks, some caution must be observed. I had trouble walking  coz I put on some lotion on my feet that morning and my plastic shoes can't seem to hold it in place, sliding down from time to time. I had to remove it and walk barefoot on those sharp stones and it hurts. Thanks to Kuya Lenzer, he had to sacrifice for me and lent me his slippers.

Bantay Abot Cave

Bantay Abot Cave
Its not actually a cave but more of a hole in a mountain. I don't think it's fit for swimming but you will definitely enjoy the panoramic view of the sea and the mountains.


I've been intrigued long ago by how people call this place Boracay of the North. Well, upon seeing it up close, that term is 100% accurate, well minus the crowd and the party atmosphere of Boracay. Here, its nature tripping at its best. The fine white sand and the very clean turquoise blue water is truly awesome.

Blue Lagoon, Pagudpud

Blue Lagoon, Pagudpud


We're now heading south going to Bangui to see the famous Bangui windmills, a project that Bongbong Marcos spearheaded that truly deserves a high two thumbs up!!! This is what our country needs to finally put an end to the high and mighty oil and gas producers .... a sustainable source of energy!

Getting here almost got us into accident, thank God he kept us safe. Some irresponsible motorcycle driver without even looking at our direction cut our way while we were cruising the main road on a high speed. It was just fortunate that there's no oncoming vehicle when Kuya Lenzer had to skillfully control the tricycle to get to the other side to avoid hitting him. It was so sudden that I thought the trike would turn turtle or hit something really hard. But one thing is for sure, God protected us, He heard my prayer!

Bangui Windmills

Bangui Windmills

These awesome 20 giant white turbines are supplying 40% of Ilocos Norte's power requirement. Truly outstanding!

There are miniature windmills being sold here, its so cute! You should get one when you visit this place.


From Bangui heading south to Burgos town to reach Kapurpurawan, your trike have to go pass some rough dusty roads to get here and hike a few minutes to reach this beautiful white rock formation.
Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

The strong winds and the powerful waves created this natural beauty. The place is very photogenic and I hope people both tourist and locals would try to protect and preserve this natural monument.

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

Cape Bojeador also known as Burgos Lighthouse still functions even after 100 years.  Built during the Spanish colonial period, it has become a cultural heritage structure in  Burgos, Ilocos Norte.

Burgos Lighthouse

It was unfortunate that we were not able to get inside the lighthouse during our visit, renovations are going on at that time.


We decided to get accommodation at SAUD Beach  during our stay because of its accessibility. It may not be as pretty as Blue Lagoon but it didn't disappoint. The sand color varies from white to beige. Our beach front is rocky, so we need to walk a few minutes to the get to the area fit for swimming.

Saud Beach, Pagudpud
Beach front of Ate Cathy's Homestay

Because of good feedback from my fellow girltalkers, we opt to stay at Ate Cathy's Homestay. Its like a home away from home where Ate Cathy will treat you like a long lost relative. From here, you'll get a good view of the awesome Bangui windmills .
Saud Beach, PagudpudWalking a few mins, 5 tops, will get you here, white sand, clear blue water, not crowded, not noisy, not polluted, affordable accommodations .... just perfect for me.

Saud Beach, Pagudpud

We finished the tour by 6pm. Kuya Lenzer brought us to the palengke to buy something for dinner. He left us for some time and we were able to try finally the empanada that I missed in Vigan, but now Pagudpud version, also bought some barbecue and some chichirya. He picked us up later with now his van and brought us to Ate Cathy. Kuya Lenzer's day is not yet finished, he will be picking some guests along the way to fetch someone at the Laoag airport. Just a proof how hard working Ilocanos are. 

The empanada by the way is so filling and yummy. That already is enough for our dinner.

It was a long but fulfilling day, so tired from the traveling back and forth but found comfort at Ate Cathy's place. It's relaxing to stay at the veranda, sipping some tea and having some sweets while engaging in some talks with Ate Cathy and later with another guest. After a cold shower, I dozed off in no time, dreaming to be back in this tropical paradise.

We woke up early preparing for our departure. The very nice Kuya Lenzer offered us a free ride to Laoag airport, he have a scheduled guest arriving by 10 am and we happily took the offer. Along the way, his driver gladly brought us to some pasalubong shops to do our last minute pasalubong shopping. Although we still have time to roam around Laoag, just decided to wait around for our flight back home. 

The least I could do is to take shots while the van was cruising around the streets of Laoag city.

Sinking Bell Tower of Laoag City
sinking bell tower of Laoag
Ilocos Norte Capitol
Ilocos Norte Capitol

Laoag Airport
Laoag Airport

Contact Infos you might need :

Kuya Lenzer (our tour guide/driver) - 09068185735
Ate Cathy's Homestay - 09195716680

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  1. great stuff! this gave me a very detailed info for our future Ilocos Trip...

  2. wow! thanks for the contact numbers... i'm going to Pagudpud on May 6-8... Thanks for sharing your experience...

  3. Oh yeah! Laoag City... I spent a good chunk of my early life here - moved to Manila before the whole family eventually left for the US of A... and I haven't gone back since (shame on me, he-he!). To the south of the sinking bell tower, across the roadway is St. Williams Cathedral where I took my first communion as a child. The picture of the Provincial Capitol takes me back to a time when, as elementary school children, we were made to "sweat our butts off" under the scorching sun to listen to speeches by local politicians at the front stage during official holidays and special occasions. Thanks for rekindling memories from my childhood. By the way, did you get to take a crack at "sandboarding" at La Paz sand dunes? I heard it's a big thing out there.

    1. Oh so you're Ilocano too! You should check it out soon when you visit the country. There are still lots of places we failed to check during our trip due to limited time including the sand dunes. I am planning to go back with my parents hopefully next year.

    2. GUILTY AS CHARGED...I am a Full-Blooded-Ilocano! If you and your parents get to go before I do, maybe I can read your feedback?... You're right, I should come over for a visit...I'll try to work on that. I am such a "wuss" when it comes to traveling for pleasure:-D

    3. AHA!!! Sure but if you went ahead, pls share your experience! hmmm Im intrigued bout the wussy part :)

    4. Sorry, 'was not able to get back to you sooner. I've been sent on a 1-week work (strictly, and not a lick of pleasure!)related trip and spent a whole lot of time at airport security screenings. Anyway...yes, I've already benefited from your postings so the least I could do is to share - 'couldn't say no to a cool gal like you. Tell me what intrigues you of the wussy part and I'll try to explain:)

    5. No problem, hehe, I was just kidding :) but you can share anything interesting ;)

  4. The short of it is that - I travel when I absolutely "have to" (the threat of missing out on a project or worse, losing my job), but when it comes to planning to travel for R&R, I tend to procrastinate...and then I'd eventually chicken out! Does that make sense to you? Maybe, reading your postings will give me the much needed kick in the butt to get going! Thanks for sharing your stuff:)


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