Nov 29, 2009

Spelunking at Sumaguing Cave

Having heard so many people brag about their wonderful experience in Sagada, and exploring the Caves as the most fulfilling among the many activities Sagada can offer, made me contemplate the possibility that I might just do it. What actually bothers me is the fact that I'm not in my best form. The last time I was in a gym was 3 yrs ago. The only activity I'm doing since then is walking. I know I will be "vertically challenged". My lower body is a lot heavier than my upper body. I got huge hips and thin arms, how can I carry my weight? I know from that alone, cave connection is not for me. 

So I settled to just check Sumaguing Cave and originally planned to just go down until that popularly known cave formation the " King's Curtain" and just take lots of pictures and then retreat back and wait for my companions who will go deeper where the freezing water flows. Just the thought of crossing the freezing water is enough reason for me to back out. (Then I imagined myself waiting at the opening of the cave for at least an hour, alone by myself and with a big LOSER sign on my head ... waah, no way!!! I have to give this a try)  

So after careful thought and ceaseless prodding by my group mates, I moved on with caution and a prayer and after a few minutes, I said to myself this is not as hard as I initially thought. Our tour guide Ben Calpi from SAGGAS group is doing everything possible to assist each one of us, be it using his body to transport us from one point to another. There are small openings that we need to fit ourselves, from which the size is the same as the diameter of my hips, ha ha - Then came this portion where there is a 2 meter long and 7 feet deep freezing cold water separating us to the other side and there's a rope that we need to cling to in order to transport us on the other side. Our guide will anchor his feet to assist our steps while his one hand on the rope and his other hand holding the lamp (see how easy it is for him, really amazes me!) While I glided with my two hands on the rope and my foot firmly stepping on Ben's foot, I really thought it was easy, until that last step - I'm almost there, ready to sit down - but instead I slipped and let loose of my hold on the rope and plunged into the dark and freezing water. There was two seconds of panic mode and then I emerged and then swiftly pulled out by Ben... Whoa, I made a scene and cause some panic, but what the heck, it was an exhilarating experience. The cold water woke up all my senses as if it has some magical power was transferred in my system. 

Well, with bragging rights up my sleeves, I'm proud to say I'm the only one from our group who had the most unforgettable experience in Sagada worthy to blog about (kaya nyo yun? lol!) .... look I came out unscathed. I survived Sagada!!! I even have a certificate to prove it. yehey !!! ;-)

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