Nov 30, 2009

Mt Tapyas, Coron

We made use of our time wisely, touring the popular sites of Coron for 3 days/2nights. Arriving late in the afternoon, not wasting any moment, the first activity on our itinerary is climbing Mt.Tapyas' 720+ steps with trail. This is one of the popular destinations in Coron town. On the road from Busuanga to Coron, Mt Tapyas can easily be seen because of a dominant Cross on top of it.

As we walked along a flight of stairs, we got a good peak of what's in store for us in the succeeding days.

Halfway through, we need to catch our breath and smile for the cam as we marvel at the beauty that is CORON.....

Reaching the summit, we were treated to this awe inspiring view and cloudy skies. It rained a bit but not enough to get us wet. I was quite hoping for a picture perfect sunset shot but that's already asking for more, when in fact we were already spared from the wrath of Typhoon Feria.

Climbing down, we hurried to our next stop Maquinit Hot Spring. Our hired trike is waiting at the foot of the hill...........

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