Nov 30, 2009

Flying to Coron via Cebu Pacific

GOD is Great! We almost missed this chance to visit Coron due to Typhoon Feria but it did not arrive as predicted by PAGASA. I believed God favored us to see this paradise on earth.... AWESOME!!!

Our Cebu Pacific flight departed as scheduled and could have arrived Busuanga ahead of time if not of the thick clouds hovering the runway. The pilot announced, he can't land the plane yet and so we were treated to an aerial tour of the Calamianes Islands, circling around for 20 minutes and enjoying the magnificent view from the top until we had enough and prayed the runway be cleared of the thick clouds before our fuel runs out. The pilot did a good job although the sudden jerk when it landed gave me a jolt.

After an hour of flight, we arrived Francisco B. Reyes Airport in Busuanga. From the looks of it, the structure is fairly new. A placard being held by a guy, bears my name at the exit of the airport and a van is waiting for us to take us to our lodging in Coron called DARAYONAN Lodge.

From Busuanga, it will take 45 minutes to reach Coron town proper. Some part of the road is on the works, in a few months, travel time will be much shorter. The view along the way is really awe inspiring, like these plenty of cows under the care of the local government.

Here's a video of our actual landing ......

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