Nov 30, 2009

CYC Beach/Skeleton Wreck, Coron

Coronwonders call time is 8:00 am, the start of our Coron Island Tour. Our trike going to the port picked us up at exactly 8am. Had our first breakfast at Darayonan by 7am and readied our gears, cameras, my dicapac for underwater shots, sunblock, waterproof bag, swim mask and snorkel, wore my rash guard and my dependable sandugo trekking sandals, while forgetting something very important ... extra batteries for my cam, damn!

First stop is CYC beach which stands for Coron Youth Club Beach. Its free entrance makes it open to the public. White sand, crystal blue waters and mangroves defined this small island. We only stayed for a while here and then head on to our next stop.

Our next stop, Skeleton Beach/Skeleton Wreck! Snorkeling galore best describes our activity on this island. The beach front was not visible at that time due to high tide. The skeleton wreck are submerged remnants of a fishing boat. Plenty of marine life abound this area, truly a delight for snorkelers and much more for divers.

Being a few strokes swimmer, letting go of my life vest to dive is a no no! The waters are truly deep, my life vest is my savior, made me enjoy snorkeling and watching a school of fish circle around me when I feed them with bread.

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