Dec 1, 2009

Arriving Taiwan on a Red Eye Flight

We arrived at Terminal 1 of Taoyuan International Airport via Cebu Pacific's red-eye-flight just 10 minutes ahead of time. We were hurrying as soon as the plane landed hoping to catch the last bus trip to Taipei or else we will be sleeping on the benches of Terminal 1 until the bus counters open their first morning trip.

Hiring a taxi to Taipei is quite expensive, imagine NT1200 against NT90 for a bus fare, that's a huge difference. I'm happy that CebuPac flights this days are departing and arriving on time if not ahead of time. In less than 30 minutes we were already at the bus counters buying for our tickets to Taipei Main Station. We were actually planning, in the event we missed the bus, we will transfer via sky train to Terminal 2, the newer and way better structure than Terminal 1 and rest there and wait for the first bus trip at 5AM but when we checked the sky train, it was undergoing maintenance, and so that was no longer an option. We boarded Bus 33 and after 40 minutes we reach Taipei Main Station, hoping that we can find accommodation for that night at Keymans Hotel where we had a reservation for the next day. At 2AM in the morning, we were walking and crossing the streets of Taipei, not bothered by any danger because the place feels pretty safe and well lighted. Thanks to Google Map, Taipei has a very accurate street view , even if it was my first time, the place feels familiar. Check out our video ....

We arrived at Keymans Hotel in no time, but it was fully booked for the night so we checked the adjacent Royal Hotel and thank God they have a vacancy and we can checked out at 2PM later, in time for our check in at Keymans. Got to get some sleep, our scheduled itinerary will start in 5 hours....

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