Dec 21, 2013

The 100USD INDOCHINA Backpacking Challenge

The challenge was to limit our individual expenses to 100USD each on Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand without skimping on basic comforts like nice and clean accommodation with ensuite bathrooms, good food and a little bit of shopping. Airfare is not included in the 100USD budget.

And now that we're back home and doing our actual accounting, I'd say, yeah it's really doable. Though we exceeded a few dollars more, we're successful in keeping it to a minimum without any regrets.

How I fared with the Indochina backpacking challenge? Just read on and find out! :-)

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Here's a breakdown of how I spent the budget. Apparently, if I forgo shopping I'd stay on track but that's just not possible for me since bringing home souvenirs and homecoming gifts are traditions and part of the essence of sharing your travels.

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The accommodations I booked all exceeded my expectations as far as service, cleanliness, strategic location and value for money are concerned. Our bookings were all reserved through email correspondence without any need to shell out cash deposits or online booking payments. I will make a detailed review of each accommodation later.

The 100USD Indochina Backpacking Budget is really possible if the budget is really tight and you've set what your priorities are. Food is relatively cheap in Vietnam and you can have a healthy and delicious meal for about a dollar or two. There are a few times we splurge on our meals but prices are still very reasonable and affordable. For tours and transport needs, it's better to avail your hotel's services to avoid getting scammed and end up paying more. We learned our lesson in Vietnam and we already charged it to experience but on a positive note, that episode was really fun. :)

Stay tuned for more of my Indochina series.

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  1. Even though you exceeded with your cost target but what you spent was indeed very affordable already at Php 527.67 per person and you were able to visit 3 countries. I'll take note of this budget so I can use it my future travel plans.

  2. !00USD for each country, which basically is P 4,500 only is not so bad. So your budget for the whole Indochine backpack tour amounted only to P24,000 + airfare. I can go with that, plus airfare promos are always up fro grabs. Only I'm afraid to travel alone.


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