Jul 31, 2019

Divisoria Guide Series : Find The Items Here (Part2) - Updated

Originally Published: 4/27/13
Updated: 07/31/2019

Divisoria is a shopping place suited for bargain-hunters, small and medium businesses involved in buy and sell and those industry producers in search of raw materials and finished products. The area can really be chaotic if you have no idea where to look for the things you need.  I've already mentioned in my previous post the Do's and Dont's in Divisoria Shopping; now this detailed guide below will help you find the things you might be looking for to kick off that business you had in mind. You can find the map here or just go to Part 1 of my Divisoria Guide Series.

Where to find the cheapest In Divisoria

read the banner, lol

1. Food Products


ASUNCION ST.  - here is where you'll find seasonal and tropical fruits like pineapples, papaya, watermelon, avocado, banana, melon, and jackfruit. Inside the Asuncion Market are turnips, sweet potatoes, fresh tamarind, and gabi.
EL CANO ST. - looking for different varieties of mango, head down to this street.
LAKANDULA ST. - over here you can find, saba bananas, coconut, and corn.
CARMEN PLANAS ST. - they sell imported fruits here like apples, oranges, lychees sold in boxes and crates. They also have Davao pomelo and mangosteens.
M. DE SANTOS AVE. - here dealers would set up at night in front of New Divisoria Mall (NDM) to sell these fruits.


The best time to buy vegetables is at night from 6:00pm until 5:00am the next day.
These vegetable dealers are concentrated from STO CRISTO ST., and  CARMEN PLANAS ST and extends to BILBAO ST. and PADRE RADA ST.


EL CANO MARKET - this is the designated retail market for pork and fish. 
NEW DIVISORIA MALL - at the basement of this mall, the wet market section is where you can purchase a pack of fish fillet, a kilo of beef tripe or a kilo of beef pares.


EL CANO ST - here you can find stalls selling fresh and salted eggs
STA ELENA ST side of NDM - on this side you can find dressed and lived chicken


EL CANO ST - stores here sell sauces and condiments
NDM (dry section) - here you can find more selection like frozen green peas, corns and carrots, french fries and processed meats.


NDM basement - you can source candies here
STO CRISTO ST. - they have a wider selection of goods here that also include items like flavoured nata de coco.


ASUNCION ST (Binondo Side) / EL CANO ST. - there are fishball factories here where you can buy items for your fishball cart. At EL CANO St., there is a TAHO supplier here called Mang Esting's Taho Factory.
RECTO ST. near Jollibee Sto Cristo St/ CARMEN PLANAS ST. - there are factories selling fresh noodles here.

2. Baking Equipment / Supplies

STO CRISTO ST. - for all your baking needs, they have here industrial mixers, macaroon trays, standard baking trays, paper cups, flavourings, and colouring mix.

3. Kitchen Equipment / Pots and Pans / Plates

STO CRISTO ST. / TABORA ST / RECTO ST. -along these streets, you can find kitchen equipment, griller with a fryer, some brands of pots, melaware, and ceramic plates and bowls.

4. Hair and Cellphone Accessories

NEW DIVISORIA MALL (NDM) - head down to this area to check varieties of cellphone accessories like straps, cellphone cases, pouch bags and get them at a bargain price. You can also find here and along PLANAS ST., a lot of stalls selling hair accessories.

5. Chemicals / Candles and Candle-Making Supplies

Check out GODY WAX CENTER for all candle related needs. They have a shop at STO CRISTO ST, and another at JUAN LUNA ST.

For industrial dyes and chemicals used in soap making, look for EVERLIGHT STORE along M. DE SANTOS ST. 

6. Toys

A lot of toy wholesalers and retailers can be found at the basement of NEW DIVISORIA MALL or you can check NEW DIVISORIA SHOPPING CENTER more popularly known as "Bodega" at the corner of TABORA ST and STA ELENA ST.

7. Party Favors

NEW DIVISORIA MALL is still the best place to visit when looking for balloons and party favours, they can be found in the basement.

8. Corporate and Party Giveaways

For the usual corporate giveaways like mugs, umbrellas, calendars, digi clocks etc., find them at several stalls at NEW DIVISORIA MALL (NDM), 168 MALL and JUAN LUNA ST.

For Party and Wedding giveaways, there are wide selections at TABORA ST. For DIY souvenirs, check out the basement of NDM for native products, figurines, etc.

9. Textile and Sewing Needs

You can find these items along TABORA ST., YLAYA ST., and CARMEN PLANAS ST. Famous Philippine Designers flock to these places when sourcing for their new creations. You can also find here, laces, sequins, needles, threads, etc.

10. Canvas / Foams / Stuffings

You can check items like canvas, tarpaulins, foams and styrofoam stuffings at JUAN LUNA ST.

11. Office and School Supplies

For bulk purchase head down to STO CRISTO ST. to look for school and office supplies. You can also find these items at some stores at JUAN LUNA ST.

12. Clothes /Socks / Underwear / Handkerchiefs

Visit 168 Mall, NDM, and JUAN LUNA ST. to look for these kinds of items. For school uniforms, go to TABORA ST.

13. Sundries

M. DE SANTOS ST - find here different containers and jars.
STO CRISTO ST. and CM RECTO ST - find here styrofoam food packs, plastic cups, spoon and fork and drinking straws.
TABORA ST / JUAN LUNA ST. - you can find here, boxes, gift wrappers, and other packing materials

14. Commercial Printing

JUAN LUNA ST., - here, you can find several stores doing commercial printing. Printing cost varies for each shop, it's always wise to check the prices before finalizing the deal.

15. Gowns and Costumes

Prime Block Mall - On the second and third floor of Prime Block Mall are shops carrying ready to wear gowns and costumes. They also accommodate made to order gowns

168 Mall - 4th level of the Soler Wing of 168 Mall carry shops dedicated to bridal gowns, ready to wear and made to order.

Final Tip

To get more discounts and some perks, always buy in bulk and established a good relationship with some merchants by being a loyal customer usually called "suki" and to become an expert bargain hunter follow this Divisoria Guide Series I've provided.
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One Fun Day at EAT BULAGA as Studio Audience (Updated)

Originally Published 11/13/15
Updated: 07/31/19

I've been a fan of Eat Bulaga ever since I can remember. However, it never occurred to me that one day I'll have this strong urge to watch the show live at their Broadway Centrum Studio. You guessed right - ALDUB, the accidental love team that caught most Filipinos all over the world in a wild frenzy and foreigners wondering what the social media commotions are all about. Even international news sites like BBC, Bloomberg, etc. took interest of the phenomenal love team. I wouldn't get into the detail of how they become so popular but Google can pretty much fill you in with more information about Eat Bulaga's ALDUB and Kalye Serye.
EAT BULAGA - Kalye Serye
Si Bossing, si Allan, at si Anjo

I'm actually posting this entry to share our enjoyable Eat Bulaga experience, as well as show the dynamics inside the studio and how, like us, you also have a chance to become a studio audience.
Eat Bulaga Studio Pass
This is the studio pass issued by Eat Bulaga

Please note, entrance to the studio is free. We don't have connections with any Eat Bulaga employees or use any influence to get inside. I noticed though, every time I watched Eat Bulaga, they provide special considerations to Filipino balikbayans. That's the advantage we had since a cousin just arrived from Canada and he too became an instant fan of the whole Kalyeserye ensemble. 
Still smiling after the show while our stomach was already starting to speak in tongues, hahaha.

Since they've transferred to their own new house, here's an updated guidelines on how to secure a seat to watch live as an audience. 

New Address: APT Studios
                       28 Marikina-Infanta Highway, Halang, Cainta, Metro Manila

If you're interested to become a studio audience of Eat Bulaga, here's what you should do:
  • Prepare a letter indicating your interest to become a studio audience. Indicate the date of your visit, the number of attendees, identification card and proof (Passport) that you're indeed a balikbayan (should not exceed 2 mos since arrival date)
  • Hand-carry the letter to EAT BULAGA, APT Studio from Monday to Thursday from 3 pm to 5 pm
  • Ask the guard for Maila, the person-in-charge of handling studio audience guests reservations.
  • Once your request is approved, they will issue a studio pass document to validate your studio guest appointment.
  • Bring the document on your day of the visit. Be there before 10AM.
Please Note :
  • Kids 7 yrs and below are not allowed inside the studio.
  • Elderly people with health conditions like high blood pressure are advised not to watch inside the studio. Red Cross representatives will check their BPs before the show starts.
  • The list of items not allowed inside the studio is indicated on the Studio Pass. There's a package counter to safeguard those items not allowed inside.
  • Eat enough breakfast before getting to the venue. 10:30 am to 2:30pm without food and water can make some people grumpy.
  • You can only go to the comfort rooms during commercial breaks.
However, I heard, their reservations are already filled up until the end of this year. Also, balikbayans can only reserve seats during the weekdays. This contact number might help to check if there are still available slots - (02) 249-9777 Look for Maila.

Those 4 hours we spent inside watching, giggling, dancing, shouting and clapping are a truly worthwhile experience. There was no dull moment even during commercial breaks where the two funny gays in-charge with the audience dynamics can get us into fits of laughter with their funny antics. All those people working behind the scene also deserve a nice pat on the back for a job well done.

You can watch our fun Eat Bulaga experience as studio audience in this short clip:

Jul 30, 2019

Philippines (LTO) Driver's License Renewal at the Malls (Updated)

Originally Published: 5/18/13
Updated: 07/30/19

When I learned that renewal for a 2 yrs expired driver's license would require the applicant to go through the whole process of taking the exams again, I wasted no time and visited the nearest LTO satellite office at Tutuban Center Mall to renew my driver's license. It's nearing its 2 yrs expiry mark, and even if I haven't been driving for quite a long time, I know I will have to do so sooner than later. There's an LTO Tayuman office just within walking distance from my place but the chaos and waiting time involved in their renewal process are the reasons I won't be setting foot in any LTO main offices again.

Last August 27, 2017, President Duterte rolled out the increase of the validity of Driver's License from 3yrs to 5yrs. They started with Metro Manila and gradually expanded nationwide in October.
LTO DLRC at 3/F Lucky Chinatown Mall (City Place Square) 

Applying at the LTO satellite offices in malls offer more convenience and less waiting time. It only took me less than an hour to go through the whole process of renewal.

Register Online To Speed Up The Process

Yes, aside from the five years validity, the current administration made online registration possible to speed up the application process.

How it works:

  • Visit the website www.lto.net.ph and log in
  • Choose from the three options, one of which is Driver's License Renewal
  • Fill out your license information
  • Pick your LTO branch
  • Choose the date and time of your appointment
  • A pop-up message will appear confirming your appointment
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you which you need to confirm within 3 days after your booking. Failure to confirm means the appointment is not valid.
  • The email will also list down the documents you should bring with you during your appointment. 
              - Duly accomplished application form
              - Current/Expired License Card
              - Medical Certificate issued by an LTO licensed physician
              - A government-issued ID
              - A printed copy of your appointment slip

  • Show up on your chosen branch at the date and time of your appointment carrying all the documents required.
  • Give the documents to the LTO evaluator
  • Each window is marked properly with instructions on how to proceed; from biometrics taking, photo-taking, payment of fees and the license card release.
  • Wait for 30 to 60 minutes for your card and you're done.

Addendum: In a Memorandum Circular No. 2018-2157,  beginning January 7, 2019, all LTO licensing offices are required to accept “only electronically transmitted Medical Examination Certificates to the LTO IT Systems.” This applies to both student permit applications and driver’s/conductor’s license applications and renewals. Only registered medical clinics/physicians are allowed in the LTO IT System. All physicians intending to issue medical certificates should register at their respective regional LTO offices. 

Total Fees Paid

I paid a total of 752.63 pesos for the renewal of my driver's license. Breakdown of fees is as follows.

License Fee: Php 585.00
Computer Fee: Php 67.63
Application Fee: Php 100.00
Total: Php 752.63

*Penalty Fees (If Driver’s License Is Expired)
1 Day to 1 Year: 75.00
1 Year & 1 Day to 2 Years: 150.00
More Than 2 Years: 225.00
Check below the nearest mall branch where you can have your driver's license renewed for more convenience and you'll save on fees if you renew your driver's license on time :).

List of Mall Branches with LTO Driver's License Renewal Centers :

Open from MONDAY - SATURDAY, 9am - 6pm. Closed on HOLIDAYS

  • NE Pacific Mall, Maharlika Hi-way, Cabanatuan City
  • SM Marilao, Bulacan
  • SM Mall City, San Fernando, Pampanga
  • SM Clark, SM City Clark Field, Angeles City, Pampanga
  • Sta. Rosa, 3rd Flr., Robinson’s Market, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
  • SM Naga City, Brgy. Triangulo, Naga City
  • Bacolod, Robinsons Place, Bacolod City
  • Iloilo, Robinson’s Place, Iloilo City
  • SM Cebu, SM North Reclamation Area, Cebu City
  • Robinson’s Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental
  • ICM Tagbilaran City, Bohol
  • Cagayan de Oro City, Limketkai Mall, Lapasan, Cagayan, De Oro City
  • SM City, 2nd Flr., Quimpo Blvd., Davao City
  • NCCC Mall of Tagum, Highway 55, Tagum City
  • SM Manila 5th Flr. SM Manila
  • Araneta, 3F Araneta Square Mall, Caloocan City
  • Ayala MRT Station, Makati City
  • Guadalupe Upper Level, Guadalupe Commercial Complex, Makati City
  • Robinson’s Galeria, Level 1 East Lane Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
  • Lucky Chinatown Mall (City Place Square), 3rd Flr, Binondo, Manila
  • Metro East, Basement Robinson’s Metro East, Marikina
  • Ever Gotesco, 2/F Gotesco Mall, Commonwealth Ave., Q.C.
  • Robinson’s Place Fairview, 3F Robinson’s, Novaliches, Q.C.
  • Metro Point, 3rd Flr., Metro Point Mall, Pasay City
  • SM Super Center, Grd., Flr., SM Hypermart, Pasig City
  • SM Megamall, G/F SM Megamall B, Mandaluyong City
  • SM North Edsa, G/F SM North Edsa Annex, SM City
  • SM Cubao, 3rd Flr., Farmer’s Mall, Cubao, Quezon City
  • Alabang, Ayala Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City

Jul 15, 2019

PSPCA : Your Friendly Pet Shelter and Affordable Pet Clinic

Originally Published: 05/01/15
Updated: 07/15/19
PSPCA stands for Philippine Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and they've been around since 1904 to protect and promote the welfare of every animal in the Philippines. It's also a pet shelter and a pet clinic in one roof.

PSPCA Pet Shelter and Clinic
The photo above is the PSPCA Arch in front of University of the East, get inside the compound to locate the PSPCA Clinic shown at the photo below
The clinic is open Monday to Saturday and usually close during holidays. Operating hours as follow:

Monday - Friday: 8:00AM - 4:00PM
Saturday: 7:00AM - 3:00PM
Sunday: CLOSED

Contact No is (02) 7339427

PSPCA Pet Shelter and Clinic
Newly renovated PSPCA

Thanks to PSPCA! Our dogs' medical bills were reduced to more than a half. There was a time when we spent a thousand a week for 3 mos in this popular pet clinic to find a cure for our dog's skin problems that proved ineffective in the long run despite the expensive treatment. PSPCA clinic is the wiser choice whenever our furbabies have health issues and vaccination needs. Their rates are very affordable and you can expect their doctors and staffs to provide the utmost care for your pets.


PSPCA is located at C.M. Recto directly in front of the University of the East. Exact address is 2044 C.M. Recto, Quiapo, Manila.
PSPCA Pet Shelter and Clinic
Map of PSPCA

They had a renovation last quarter of 2014 to improve their services and facilities. Their new look and feel is a welcome sight. I really don't mind if they slightly increased their fees because of this. Although, I would appreciate more if there will be more attending doctors to accommodate more patients faster and lessen the waiting time.

better services and facilities and new rates

PSPCA CLINIC FEES (as of February 1, 2015)


Clinic Fee - PhP 120
Laboratory (Stool Exam/Skin Scraping) - PhP 75


4 IN 1 (Novibac) - PhP 330
5 IN 1 (Recombitek C6) - PhP 330
6 IN 1 (Eurican LR) - PhP 480
Anti Rabies - PhP 220
Kennel Cough - PhP 300


Toy and Small Breed - PhP 2500
Medium Breed - PhP 3000 - 3500
Large Breed - PhP 4500 - 6000


PhP 800 - 2500


PhP 800 - 1500


Cats -PhP 800
Dogs - PhP 1000 - 1500


PhP 1000 - 2000

A Piece of Advise

A piece of advice to those planning a visit to PSPCA, expect a long line and long waiting time (like 3 hrs). As soon as you arrived, register at the front desk and then wait for your number to be called. I suggest go there as early as you can, possibly be there just before the clinic opens. Most likely, the volume of people is not as heavy as the afternoon crowd and you and your pet can find a comfortable spot to rest while waiting. As a preventive measure, I usually distance my dog to other sick pets to prevent possible contamination of deadly viral diseases like parvo and distemper. 

There are usually 4 attending doctors, 1 of which is assigned to vaccinations.

I just wish every pet owners and pet lovers can have easy access to all services of PSPCA. Maybe more PSPCA clinic branches and shelters in the future? I hope!


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